This website is designed to be a place to display my own poetry. I haven't been writing for long, so some of the quality might not be great, but it was a form of creativity I undertook as part of my healing journey. In order to understand some of the poetry I write, I should share my story.

I write during some of the darkest points of my healing, so none of my poems are what you'd describe as jolly. I don't apologise for this, rather I offer it as a trigger warning for other survivors, although specific triggers are listed before the poems.

As I write more poems, there will probably be some sort of organisation to them. Until that point, I am only presenting them as a list

Before moving my site, I did have a guestbook, but I haven't quite figured out how to do this here - the functionality will be back once I work out how to do it! Each page does have a comments section - for now at least these will be active, so feel free to comment
If you wish to use any of my poems, or anything else on this site, please Email me - I am unlikely to refuse, I just like to know what's being done with them

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