Cult of Lovecraft

Random H.P. Lovecraft Story Generator

Bring forth the Gods..

Azathoth (God of Creation, essentially God)

Cthulhu (God of The End, Destruction, Madness, etc.)

Dagon (God of The Deep Ones, The Sea, Marine Life)

Nyarlathotep (Messenger of the Gods, God of Wind)

Ei'lor (God of Vegetation, The Harvest)



Hastur (He who shall not be named)

Mordiggan (God of Death, Disease)

Zindarak (God of Fire, Heat, He who shall release Cthulhu)

Quachil Uttaus (God of The Desert, Sand)

Ngirrth’lu (God of The Hunt, Animals)

Yig (The Snake God, Secrecy, Whispers)

Yog-sothoth (God of Knowledge)

Aphoom-zhah (God of Frost, The Northern Wind)

Atlach-nacha (The Spider Lady, The Webspinner)

Shudde M'ell (God of Earth, Stone)




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