9 Options Rock!

As a consequence of examining the relevance of the previous beliefs of excellence in my own life, I realised that in each situation I encounter in the daily routine, I sought to create choice. I am creative and innovative at the best of times, but I realised that I was actively creating choice. I wanted options. The fourth belief shared with you in this series was: People make the best choice available to them at that time. It seems some-thing awoke in me that wanted to be sure that I was aware of all of the choices before I made my decision. With this mind set, it was no surprise to me that the ninth belief of excellence that I would like to share with you is : Choice is better than no choice.

So many people that I talk to during the course of my lectures or counselling sessions feel they are at a dead end. Many of the people that I deal with feel that they are caught in their circumstances, with no way out. Often people feel that they have spent all their opportunities in life, and nothing is left for them except existence. I cant tell you how many times I have heard the expressions— "I have no where to go," "I have nothing left to offer," "I am all out of options for my future."

This thinking is a "helplessness feeling" generator, that spirals the operators into a depression. People that feel like they have no choices in life feel helpless. This feeling of helplessness often blinds people to the possible opportunities that are available to them. This becomes a vicious circle that draws people down emotionally and physically until they quit on life and quit on themselves. This is a sad and bitter place to live.

The belief we shared in the 8th article—people have the recourses that they need— saved my life. When I first read it, I was living in a bitter place. I wanted better. My initial reaction to the statement was not a positive one. My immediate circumstances did not reveal any of the resources the statement spoke of. Inside myself I made a decision that there was a solution. I just had to find it, and apply it to my circumstances correctly to give me the desired outcome. It took a while before I could see a single solution to my situation. But I was grateful for that one single chance. I took it.

As time progressed I became skilled at spotting the solution to my situation. I felt sick to my stomach the day I focused on the belief—Choice is better than no choice. In terms of solving my situation, the single solution was a great relief and very welcome. One solution is not a choice. Two solutions is a dilemma. I wanted the option of three solutions to open myself up to CHOICE.

I realised that if I was able to identify one solution, that it could be possible to identify more. Choice is better. Choice offers multiple opportunities. Choice offers a chance, not to just "survive" the situation, but to come out victorious. Soon each problem faced I viewed as an opportunity to be innovative. I thought, pondered and searched until I had three options of suitable outcomes for the problem. The chance of choice made the 4th belief in this series even more appealing to me. Yes, I could now make the best choice available to me. Facing a problem today gives me a moment to take inventory of my resources, because choice ROCKS!