3 Mind Mutter Intro

What is Mind Mutter? Part 3 - Behaviour and Intent

This Three Part introduction is only a brief introduction to Mind Mutter and its role and function within our lives. In Part 1, we discovered that Mind Mutter is the "Average Enforcer" ensuring that you always live at a standard or level around your life average. In Part 2, we are introduced to the fact that Mind Mutter in a major force within us, that we cannot silence, shake or fool. We have to engage with Mind Mutter and negotiate our way forward.

Here I want to share a whole host of statements that relate directly to Mind Muter and the control it has over your internal processes. Although these statements are random, they all talk about the effects of Mind Mutter, and introduce possible solutions to dealing with Mind Mutter to bring about personal success in all areas of your life.

Below is a random collection of quotes I wrote about Mind Mutter for Twitter. I have left the quotes in their original form as when I tweeted them. I understand the grammar isn't technically correct and there are a lot of abbreviations, but they will give you a good idea of the nature of Mind Mutter. Enjoy":  

1.       #mindmutter has 3 main themes. Self worth, capacity or ability, and action now for the future(vision).

2.       It takes more than affirmation & visualization to change #mindmutter. It takes serious negotiation on an emotional outcomes level to change

3.       even though the intention is good, #mindmutter needs to be reasoned with, brought into negotiations, & encouraged to share its reasons.

4.       #mindmutter is a master negotiator. It will convince u to return to balance, & offer an awesome list of reasons why it should be so

5.       #mindmutter 's deceptive ability necessitates that we seek 3rd party intervention otherwise we slip into the cycle of mediocrity too quickly

6.       A hopeful thought pops into ur mind. What's ur first reaction? Do u offer support? Do u allow fearful #mindmutter to destroy it?

7.       Its the un-balanced state in our lives that grows us, takes us to a new level, which the #mindmutter seeks to avoid

8.       #mindmutter sees no future, just cost. It knows the past. It chooses safety of track record over irrational passion every time.

9.       U can't negate the power of #mindmutter by ignoring it, or telling it to shut-up. It owns the controls. U will have to negotiate!!

10.   Oh. U may have success & it's trimmings for a while. Enjoy while u can. #mindmutter will return u back to "life average" eventually.

11.   Goals, affirmation are all weak attempts at convincing ur own #mindmutter that u matter. U need to fast track ur life average

12.   U can't sneak 1 past #mindmutter or keep it mum. Only meaning win-win negotiation will open doors to the success u want.

13.   Shouting at #mindmutteer won't win u ur way to live ur dreams Authority isn't born in volume, it's born in understanding.

14.   Right brain is key to influencing left brain negative #mindmutter. Creativity and innovation go hand in hand to revolutionize ur mind mutter