Mind Mutter Matters Most


Mind Mutter is the collective voice of the values and beliefs that we hold true. Our personal and individualized Mind Mutter guides us in every decision, in every event, in every conversation. 

On this website, I look at Mind Mutter and how it matters, and what you can do to improve the outcomes of your mind mutter's control. I add posts, articles and videos to help you understand the amazing impact Mind Mutter has on your life. 

I am a Tea Spoon!!

I became a pastor 20 years ago, studied NLP, am a great fan of magic and illusion. These elements combined have fueled my fascination of people and their behavior. I strive, not only to study people's behavior, but to understand what creates that behavior.

Why bother? Because I believe people can get more out of life. My aim is not to teach you something new, but rather to show you the greatness of the potential within you. To me, people are like a fresh cup of coffee. All the ingredients are in!! Someone just needs to give it a little stir - and that's where I come in!