The Mind Music Machine (tri-M) Lab is an interdisciplinary research group based in Cognitive and Learning Sciences and Computer Science at Michigan Tech. Mind is our ultimate research theme. Music is our language and methodology to work with. Machines are, of course, our tools to do research and an analogy of mind. The primary research goal of the lab is directed toward understanding of the mechanisms of the human mind (both affective and cognitive aspects) and designing better interactions between people and technology. To this end, the tri-M Lab uses various instruments, such as computer vision technologies, display wall, sound booth and digital audio workstation, driving simulators, physiological devices/sensors, neuroergonomic equipment, robots, and many more toys. The current research projects in the lab include Interactive Sonification in the Immersive Virtual Environment, Emotion Detection and Regulation Interfaces for Drivers, Auditory Display Design for Electronic Devices, Assistive Technologies for the Blind and Older Adults, Social Robots for Children with Autism, Brain-Computer Interfaces, and Grade Crossing Warning Designs.