"As the parent of two children who have completely different ways of learning, and as an organizing professional who works with all types of sensory kids, I was so thrilled to find someone like Shannon for tutoring help outside of school.  Her experience as a teacher, and her expertise in non-traditional, multi-sensory teaching strategies really helped both my kids make great strides in their school work.  Shannon’s excitement and enthusiasm about seeing kids actively gives kids a new level of confidence in their abilities.  Shannon has been a joy to work with and comes with my highest recommendation!"
            Carolyn Dalgliesh 
            Parent / Professional Organizer
            Author,  The Sensory Child Gets Organized

"Shannon is a dedicated, insightful, and passionate educator who connects with her students to instill motivation and confidence no matter what the subject. Her mindfulness practice clearly supports her love of life and intuitive ability to teach these invaluable skills to her students."

          Parent/Founder ResilientKids