"Our daughter entered first grade shy, not sure of herself academically and new to Moses Brown. As her first grade teacher, Shannon un-locked our daughter and gave her the confidence to believe in herself as a learner. In years since that memorable year, Shannon continued to offer support as an enrichment tutor to our daughter through lower and middle school, maintaining a relationship that truly has been a gift. Shannon has the ability to connect with students of varying backgrounds and provide them with essential support and guidance so that they become successful and engaged students in their respective classrooms. Shannon has become and will always be one of those teachers that our daughter remembers and refers to as the one that made a difference in her life."
      Susan Gorgi                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
      Providence, RI    

"Shannon is a gifted educator: she knows how to get so much from her students, but she does it with such a kind and enthusiastic approach that students never feel overwhelmed by her expectations.  In a nutshell, Shannon makes serious learning fun!   With her patient, steady and always kind demeanor, Shannon made summer tutoring an event that my daughter actually looked forward to-, which is a rarity! Shannon is an outstanding educator, who brings her outstanding education, years of experience, and a compassionate heart to everything she does."

      Allison Dessel

      Barrington, RI

"Our children are benefiting from Shannon’s mindful approach to teaching. My son learned how to connect to his inner source of calm and this has carried through to our home. When things are getting too hectic we talk about centering and going to a quiet place to refocus and calmly express our thoughts.  We have noticed our son’s mindful response to issues he views in the world. Having a teacher who offers tools and concepts to help our children succeed both academically and socially reinforces our decision to entrust our child to Shannon Smith."

Lisa Weinberg
Cranston, RI

"Shannon has taught my son Alex the meaning of yoga and how it can be a positive outlet to a child's busy life. He has learned techniques to calm his mind and body.  Children are without a doubt affected by the speed of life and everyday busy family-lives.  Working with Shannon has given Alex the opportunity to learn some tools to help him manage his stress and anxiety.  This is something Alex would have not learned at home, but it has proven to be beneficial when the time arises.  Shannon has been a wonderful teacher and friend to Alex.  She is true star to the world of education."

     Rebecca Rubin
     Rehoboth, MA

"I have 3 children ages 9, 13 and 14 and was lucky enough to have Shannon tutor 2 of them.  Shannon takes the time to focus on each child’s individual strengths and struggles.  One of my boys really hated school work, Shannon found a way to assist him with the academic areas where he was having difficulty while also showing him where he excelled.  This gave him the self-confidence to work hard and still feel good about himself.  Shannon goes the extra mile and puts together a specific plan that is easy to do at home and for kids to follow through with.   The relationship Shannon was able to form with my kids also made them enjoy getting tutored instead of seeing it as a requirement.  The progress that my children made while working with Shannon was noticeable not only by my husband and I, but by their teachers as well.  I can’t recommend her enough!"

     Jen Sparr

     Pawtucket, RI


"I have known Shannon for 10 years, in the capacity of a well-respected, seasoned, and energetic educator.  I have three children with distinct ways of learning.  Shannon was able to help my daughter rise above her math struggles and she is now a solid “A” student.  Shannon worked with my son who has an innate Math sense; he is three years beyond his grade level.  She was able to keep him challenged and excited about learning.  Shannon is an extremely knowledgeable teacher whose willingness to modify lessons and incorporate new strategies, demonstrates her dedication and love of teaching.  Shannon is reliable and has the follow through that is needed to ensure that children acquire the skills necessary to be successful in all areas of academia. Shannon accomplishes this with great initiative and with an incredibly positive attitude. I would highly recommend Shannon.  She has the ability and the training to help all children learn, whether it is support or enrichment.  She certainly helped my children."

    Michelle d'Alessandro 

   Cranston, RI

"We have had the opportunity to know Shannon and experience her talents both as a classroom teacher and a private tutor over the last seven years.  Our daughters have benefited from Shannon's teaching style.  Her tutoring sessions gave our daughters appropriate challenges, positive reinforcement, and consistent encouragement.  Her emotional commitment to our daughters' well being has also been felt.  We would recommend her without hesitation. 

    Jennifer and Mark Maginot
    Providence, RI/ San Antonio,TX

    Homeschooling Parents