-Course Registration

The next course will begin on 21 April 2019 and is open for registration. 
*Please note that you can begin the practice in this moment by taking the time to mindfully read the introduction and all of the following information (scroll down to the end of the page).

This online course is made available for everyone around the world free of charge. We only request that you commit to the following guidelines:
-This course is intended to be educational only, not therapeutic (for clinical treatment), and should not replace professional advice or treatment, if needed.
Register only after having thoroughly read "Introduction To Mindfulness" and feel that this is what you expect, and have 8-10 weeks of time devoting 15 to 45 minutes daily to the formal practice as well as trying to be mindful during the day (informal practice).
-Agree to participate in the private forum for practice experience reports/questions posted by participants and comments/answers by the instructor(s). 
-Complete all 8 weeks of training.
-Try not to apply any previous meditation knowledge (as much as possible) during the formal practice in this course. It is better to start fresh, having no preconceived ideas or expectation.
-Post in the forum weekly to report the highlights of your practice and to ask questions.
-Complete the questionnaires on this page and at the end of the course (or if/when you decide to discontinue it).
-Make a donation of your time and/or material goods to a charity of your choice or someone in need. Reflect and rejoice in this skillful act. Kindness and generosity are, unlike material goods: the more you share them the richer you are, and our way of freely offering this course is part of this practice.
-The non-harming way of life, along with generosity, interest, and commitment,  is the prerequisite for a fruitful practice. Please try to commit to it as best as you can.

*Following these instructions will help save the instructors time in conducting this course and to be able to continue offering it freely.
As a courtesy, please inform us should you decide not to take this course after registering or to discontinue it, unless due to an emergency.

*Please read carefully and provide all information, including COUNTRY of residence. Your registered name and location will show in the roster exactly as how you type it, like in the sample below, so make sure to capitalize properly in order to keep the roster uniform following this format:
Victoria    Tang         Brantfo, Ontario/Canada
Shanti       Punjab     Aberdeen, Scotland/UK
Charles     Queen      Melbourne/Australia
Alex           Brown      Plano, TX/USA
You may not receive any email from us until a day or two before the course begins. All communication will be subsequently through the private (closed, with password) course forum which is accessible only by invited course participants.

"***Sample personal requesting note (please write your own):
Dear Dr Huynh,
  I found your course by googling "mindfulness course". I have read all the material that is available on the website and hereby commit myself to the guidelines required for this course (including the non-harming way of life and reading all course material carefully). I agree to participate in the forum and to complete the survey at the end of the course (or if/when I discontinue it).
I appreciate being accepted to this course. I have made a donation to Doctors without Borders and will volunteer at the local senior center.
Jean Doe. London/UK


(You may need to click on "
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Mindfulness Online Course Registration

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