-Testimonials and Comments

-I found this course extremely helpful, not only to practice daily, but also to present a different, balanced perspective from the accepted American cultural norm. After two years, I am still using the practices and the ideals...
Leslie H., Texas/USA

-I want to thank you again for being my guides during my introduction to meditation, I will forever be grateful to both of you for giving me this experience. I always wanted to make meditation a part of my life but I never really had the motivation to make meditation a daily practice until I signed up for your online course...
Don L. Honolulu, Hawaii/USA

-I wish I could say that these six weeks have changed me completely and made me a better person, more patient, less critical and wiped out all my negatives, but sadly - No. I admit, I have only scratched the surface and there is a lot of work ahead for this to happen. However, the work has been started and this wonderful course has set me in the right direction , for which a mere "thank you " is inadequate. I definitely will be continuing with my daily practice...
Carol H. Vancouver/Canada.
-...Considering the depth of the verbal attack, I realized how much this on-line course is improving the quality of my life through being more present to physical sensations and not identifying/personalizing them. 
Thank you very much Thanh for this offering of your knowledge/time.
Janneke P., Vancouver/ Canada.
 -...I feel like I have really just begun, yet come a long way, and have a long way to go to really incorporate and experience the "right mindfulness" to all aspects of life, and experience it as just part of reality. But, I HAVE begun and am confident that mindfulness practice has become part of my life now...
Wesley B., California/USA
- ...I have begun the 8 week course in Mindfulness twice over the years and have been part of a variety of Mindfulness activities as well. I never received feedback on how to deal with the agitation/panic that I felt when sitting still. Your feedback in this course, for me, was very helpful because it helped me keep up the momentum and to continue to move forward...
Sandy M., California/USA
-Thank you once again for such an amazing gift of self discovery...
Elissia O.C., Ireland.
-...Thank you so much for your guidance and for the opportunity to experience mindfulness!!  I am certain it will be useful for me in the future and I definitely plan to continue daily practice. 
-I thank you very much for this opportunity you gave me through on line practice. I have found this MM is very valuable more than I expected. I will keep practicing by repeating with some of the weekly guides and instructions.
Naohiro D., Kobe/Japan.
-...My stress level is considerably lower than at the begining of this course. Thank you for your time and dedication in offering this course.
 With deepest gratitude and Metta.
Natália. H/Brazil.
-Thank you for the past six weeks of instruction. You have shown me where the path begins and you provided me with the map and compass
to follow it. You've taught me too that the journey itself is the destination and for that I am grateful. I will never forget your kindness and patience.
With profound gratitude,
Rick S., Canyon C, California/USA
-Thank you. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for this course.
 As for the second week, I love the Loving Kindness initiative. I had heard of this before, but the way you have communicated its value is much better than I had understood it. It is a wonderful approach, and if only everyone in the world practiced this, it would be a happier place. It is worthy of a great deal of thought. I have been doing this, and I am thankful to you...
Iona L., NW/Scotland
-...I handle disappointment, anger, uneasiness, sadness etc (just to mention a few things) much much better and I have an overall appreciation for my life in almost all aspects. Thank you so very much for giving me the possiblity to enhance my life in this manner - it not only affects me but also affects all the many many lives of other people I abide with every week - especially my family.
Heidi R, Copenhagen/Denmark.
-The comment by the researcher defining the course as a course in vipassana, not MBSR, is an astute one. You would need to make substantial changes in the program for it to be more similar to MBSR and I'm not sure that is necessary. You offer a nice alternative. If your goals are to reduce stress, enhance quality of life, and facilitate insights/transformations, then based on the feedback you have been receiving from people who have completed the course and based on some of the comments that I have read from participants while taking the course, it sounds like your goals and the goals of your students are being met.
Cindy G./USA
-I have already found this course to be beneficial to me. I have slowed my life down in many ways. I listen to others more and take more time to think before I respond to others. I eat slower and enjoy my food more. I better appreciate my body for what it does for my sole. I drive my car with more calmness. I am more aware of everything I do and what is around me. Metta gives me thankfulness, peace and calmness. I really look forward to the weeks ahead.
Claude F./USA
-It was difficult for me to notice some of the changes happening, but both of my parents told me that they have noticed a huge change in my attitude since beginning this course, as has one of my friends. I did notice a decrease in my stress level, even though it's come back this week due to starting college. I really think this will help me as I begin college, and I am so appreciative of this course, as it definitely taught me valuable lessons that I will be able to take with me. Thank you so much.
Ava  W, Winston-Salem, NC/USA

-Thank you for a fantastic course and an opportunity to learn the foundations of mindfulness and getting closer to one self. I am so grateful for this chance and I feel blessed being able to participate. I also feel that my heart has grown bigger through these eight weeks and I am certain that this has planted a seed of a future that will be muchly influenced by these new practices and insights.
Ulf S./Sweden

-I found I got an enormous amount of benefit from this course. I have tried meditation in the past but this time I feel it is something that I will continue to do into the future (the intention is to do it for the rest of my life).
Richard H.,Montreal/Canada

-Thank you for a wonderful course. Thank you for opening a new world for me, a world that i can access now by myself. Your support was really felt, thank you for addressing each and every question.
Keshet B./Israel

-The reminder to go back to the introduction and re-read it, along with the recap at the end were important for my understanding of the issues. The video on the walking meditation was very useful. I've tried walking before but didn't quite get it, I do now. Finally, I want to say many many thanks to you, I will look back on your course as the thing that made the difference for me and will I'm sure lead to continuing Mindfulness practice.
Paddy D., Chester/UK

-Thanks a lot. I believe this course provided us with great initial tools that will help us to develop our skills on mindfulness.
Maria, Portugal

-Thank you so much for this course, it is really good, if I didn't gain as much as I would have liked it was more because I was travelling after the 4th week and then it was hard to get fully back into it. I am still trying to incorporate the meditation into my prayer movements and try to do some mediation, sitting each day. I may take it up again after some time if I can.
Zainab, Karachi/Pakistan

-I thank you for this wonderful experience, I think it is just the beginning of a new way of taking life and the roller coaster that it really is for me. 
Isabel, Yuma Arizona/USA

-A nice way to reaffirm and add to the MBSR class I just completed.

-The course was excellent. Very comprehensive & thorough.
Many other available Mindfulness courses (in my city) are possibly not as in-depth & comprehensive as this one.
Your flexibility & understanding in encouraging donations & voluntary (charity) work as payment - instead of charging a set fee ($$) is wonderful.
Because most Mindfulness courses charge large (almost unaffordable) amounts.
Adrian, Perth/Western Australia

-I requested to do this course as I am training as a counsellor using Buddhist Psychology. I have practised insight for the last 4 yrs and this course has helped to reinforce my practice and continued learning... I think that the course has been very comprehensive and easy to understand and I appreciate the time and compassion that you have given and shown throughout. I think you have made the entire process accessible and hopefully allowed others to find another way to be in the world.
Gina. England

-This is a wonderful course. I fell behind, and even then have benefited immensely from what I've learned and practiced. There is much more calmness and generosity in my life, things I found difficult or annoying before actually are now pleasant. Thank you.
Jennifer, Kingston, Ontario/Canada

-I found this course so brilliant in every aspect.So very easy to follow and because of the simple way everything was taught I found it easy to learn and pick up.
Teresa, N.Ireland

-...What I'm trying to do now is to integrate mindfulness in every moment living "simply" staying in contact with what is happening inside me and outside,and having an attitude of acceptance. I very appreciate your course. Many thanks.
Caterina, Cagliari/Italy
-Can I thank you with my whole heart. I find myself calmer, more detached, more able to overcome anger, more peaceful. It may be a coincidence but my blood pressure had dropped. Most of all I feel that I have a tool that I will be able to use.
Martin, Blackpool/UK

-Understanding the difference between Insight practice and concentration practice [ Wisdom and Tranquility] has been very helpful to me.

-Wonderful course! I've found a way to really help manage my stress. Thank you!

-...I appreciate your interaction and help.
I could not understand fully at first time, I gradually were getting it. I wish I could finish all... Looking forward to taking this course again soon.
Hiroko, Honolulu/USA

-...This course is by far the best information I have had on meditation so far and I really like the structure...
 Liam, Bolzano/Italy

--Last post from the the course completed in mid April 2016:
(longer than the typical report, shared here with permission from the author)
"This is the last week of the course, so I will try to make a summary of what I learned.
First of all, the distinction between tranquility meditation and mindfulness meditation is a very relevant one to me because, for more than ten years, tranquility meditation was the only type of meditation I knew. I’m grateful to have learned that and I’m also very grateful for the gift of mindfulness instructions because they are giving me more insight, plus mental and physical balance. What is even more important, I see stronger moment to moment awareness in the mist of mundane activities. This is literally changing my life and the way I live it.
The awareness of the body, breath, emotions, and mental states has been a revelation to me. Not only It’s now easier to understand the difference between skillful and unskillful views, thoughts, and actions, but also, the deepening of the practice naturally leads towards what is skillful and away from what is less appropriate.
The practice of Metta, is extraordinary because it’s like a first-aid chest, which at any time can dispense compassion, forgiveness, appreciation, and loving kindness to ourselves and others. This I find very healing.
Another teaching that I greatly appreciate is to expect nothing and to be open to everything, to be equally even minded in the presence of what I find likable and what I find not. Becoming aware of how the mind falls prey to cravings and repulsions was a solid first step in deciding what to do with them, which in most cases ends up to be a healthy nothing. This is related in my mind, to the issue of skillful communication that is taught in the course. Now, before starting to speak I’m trying to remember where is my impulse to say something coming from and whether it is a fully benevolent one. So, the practice is leading me to more aware and more compassionate speech. The invitation to check the tone revealed to be very important to me. The culture I come from: small village, Central Sardinia, Italy, has a tone that is often harsh, self-righteous, and censuring and I sometimes assume it half-jokingly, half-seriously for the amusement of my daughter’s and mine, an amusement tinged with nostalgia for a world that is 60 to 20 years past, and thousands of miles away. Nostalgia is a particularly seductive form of attachment; to acknowledge it and to let it go is a task in which I’m trying to enlist noting, compassion, loving kindness, and forgiveness.
The 5 hindrances and the 5 spiritual faculties are orientation tools that I’m trying to use to map out my journey not only to better health, but also to deeper understanding and connectedness. I also call on the spiritual faculties to achieve tranquility and equanimity. I use them as silent mantras in many occasions.
My physical and mental health has greatly improved since the beginning of the course. I now sleep a full night without the use of herbal teas and other sleep inducing supplements. My digestion has greatly improved and now I can eat some cooked meals without adverse reaction (before that was possible only with a 100% living-foods, raw diet). Specifically, it was important to become aware of food-related fears and anxiety and to let them go.
Finally, I cannot thank enough our teacher, Dr. Huynh, for designing this course and for guiding us, ever so compassionately and elegantly. My love also to all the people who participated in the forum. I hope we’ll keep in touch, and if you come to Puerto Rico, please contact me. If you care, we could sit together, have a vegetarian meal, and/or go sailing.
May our paths lead us all to the deepest wisdom and peace..."
Angela M./ Puerto Rico (orig. Italy)