-About the Instructors

Main Instructor (course founder):

Thanh Huynh

Thanh is a radiation oncologist holding faculty appointments with the University of Hawaii's School of Medicine (Department of Surgery and Department of Complementary and Alternative Medicine) as well as its Cancer Center. He has been studying and practicing mindfulness meditation (vipassana) since 1984. His practice includes multiple month-long silent retreats under the guidance of Asian masters as well as other training with western teachers, including the Community Dharma Leaders program at Spirit Rock. He has been conducting and coordinating regular meditation sessions for prison inmates since 1993 and has offered free introductory mindfulness meditation classes to the public, including children, with rewarding results. He and his wife Xuan lead the weekly sittings and regular day-long and weekend retreats in Honolulu.
Medical students at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine (and other medical schools on elective rotation there) have the opportunity to attend mindfulness workshops and monthly weekend retreats lead by Dr Huynh. He and co-investigators at the University of Hawaii's Cancer Center were the first researchers to complete a successful feasibility study using the internet to teach mindfulness to cancer patients. The online course developed for this study is now being freely offered to people around the world.

Substitute Instructors (when Dr. Huynh is not available): 
Xuan Huynh
Xuan studied with the renowned Sri Munindra and was greatly impressed by talks about two particular students of his in India. Both women yogis had attained deep  experiences practicing at home after attending a 10 days Vipassana retreat. Deeply influenced by Dipa Ma and Michele McDonald's wisdom and loving-kindness, Xuan's goal is to achieve a seamless mindful awareness between daily life activities and formal meditation practice.
Mark Nokes
Mark  has been practicing Insight meditation since 1996, when he was introduced to this practice by Gil Fronsdal. He has engaged in extensive periods of intensive practice in Hawai'i and California as well as in Burma. In addition to Gil Fronsdal, influential teachers include Grahame White, Carol Wilson, Guy Armstrong, Joseph Goldstein, and Jack Kornfield. Mark retired from his job as a Silicon Valley physicist and engineer in 2002 in order to pursue his meditation practice more fully. He is currently interested in relating the discoveries of neuroscience to his meditation.