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(Activities in course forum, February 13-19, 2016)

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Principles of Mindfulness Meditation 

A Free Eight Week Online Course

Founder and principal instructor: Thanh V. Huynh, M.D. 

Certification: A non-credit certificate of course completion will be issued to those requesting it (by emailing Dr Huynh upon satisfactorily completing the course).

Cost: Free (Donation to a non-profit organization such as Vipassana Hawaii, Vipassana Metta FoundationGreenPeace or Doctors Without Borders... is appreciated)
This course is designed for people new to this practice, with the aim of introducing principal aspects of the traditional Mindfulness Meditation (vipassana/insight meditation) in a secular way. However, some experienced practitioners (including MBSR instructors/teachers) find it helpful in reviewing and clarifying some aspects of the mindfulness practice, particularly the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

(Please also read other topics in the Navigation menu near the top left of the page, at least "Introduction to Mindfulness".)

Up to recently, most programs have taught mindfulness meditation in a setting that is paid and face-to-face.
This online course is designed to make this practice available to many people who find it impractical to attend regularly scheduled courses outside of their home. It would take less time than required for most people just to commute to those classes. All one needs is twenty to forty minutes a day (less in week 1) for the formal practice and to be mindful during other routine activities.

Participants access the forum (with a computer or smart-phone), practice and report at a time that is convenient for them (no set time).


Catalog Description: 

 Mindfulness Meditation and related practices.

    -Eight weekly units of online instruction on the theory and practice.

    -Daily exercise/meditation practice with audio/video-guided instruction. 

(Daily practice increasing from 10-15 minutes in the first week to 20-45 minutes in the last week.)

    -Informal application of mindfulness in daily life.

    -Internet forum for interaction with the instructor(s) and other international participants.
( There is no set time. The practice and forum participation can be done at any time chosen by participants)
 Course Objectives:  

Upon completion of the course, participants would be able to:

1. differentiate various meditation techniques including concentration/relaxation versus insight/mindfulness.

2. understand mindfulness with its four foundations, and how to establish it.

3. independently practice by applying mindfulness in formal meditation and in daily life.

4. describe the way and benefits of mindfulness meditation.

 Course Content:  

1. Introduction to meditation

2. Common meditation techniques. Difference (and similarity) between concentration/relaxation and insight/mindfulness.

4. Definition and components of mindfulness.

5. Factors influencing the practice.
6. Concept and reality.
7.Techniques of mindfulness meditation:

    -Attitude for practice

    -Working with the body and the mind 

(including pleasant/unpleasant feeling tone,  intention, beautiful/unwholesome mental quality)



    -Mindfulness in daily life 

   - Loving-kindness, forgiveness, gratitude.

   - Non-harming commitment

Methods of Instruction: Online (flexible schedule) including:

    -Written material.

    -Audio-guided instruction.

    -Video instruction. 
    -Discussion Forum for reports/comments, Q/A.

Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:

    Forum discussion

    Weekly quiz  (when applicable)

    Evaluation questionnaires

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