naturalism - In relation to mind, the view that mental phenomena can be explained as part of the natural order and are empirically accessible features of the world
Chris Eliasmith

naturalism, transcendental:
The doctrine according to which the solution to certain philosophical problems (e.g., the mind-body problem) lies outside our cognitive abilities.

<Details & References> José E. Burgos

neural network:
See connectionism.

neutral monism:
The doctrine that reality, though unified, is neither mental nor physical but rather conglomerations of a neutral entity. See monism, materialism, idealism.
<Details & References> Chris Eliasmith

nonconceptual content:
A content, possibly of a non- or sub- doxastic state, whose canonical specification employs concepts which the subject need not possess in order to entertain the content, but rather might, for instance, be canonically specified in terms of abilities and skills the subject possesses, or in terms of significant though nonconceptualized experience.
<References> Rick Grush & Pete Mandik