Gunderson on Gang Stalking

Quoted From Gunderson (Retired FBI agent)
Ted L. Gunderson is not your average targeted individual. He has a storied career of almost three decades as an FBI Chief behind him and also has been involved in media covered cases involving government corruption as a private investigator. His professional opinion on gang stalking (a personal struggle for him after speaking publicly about FBI corruption three decades ago) is post below:
In this sworn affidavit, Gunderson lays out the anatomy of a government catastrophe. This is the origins of American totalitarianism. Basically, the DOD is using the FBI and CIA as errand boys for a military led goon squad with a trillion dollar budget (about half of it classified). All of the actors are funding gang stalking through black-ops. In other words, the government is running rackets on a big level from narcotics and prostitution to human trafficking. His findings of thousands of american victims of government gang stalking are backed by information from active and former members of the Intelligence agencies, criminals informants at all levels in ongoing syndicate crime, and countless victim testimonies.
When I first heard Ted state DOD was the puppetmaster I was skeptical. I spoke with a retired military man who also spent a significant amount of time in the Army Reserve. Who are the 250,000 plus citizen reservists? Most are firefighters, cops and other civil servants. Does this sound familiar? Yes, bingo!-Its the goon squad boys involved in gang stalking. The military has set up shop throughout civilian society and has hand picked the leaders of the American version of the Red Guard.This feeds into the military-industrial complex in a big way. According to Dr. John Hall most of the gang stalking vehicles in the San Antonio, TX area have plates leading back to defense contractors. We are talking about Boeing Company with its Narus systems that is a domestic version of Echelon used by FBI, NSA and DARPA. These systems can monitor and datamine tens of millions of calls instantly, making privacy a quaint idea.
We have embarked on the era of gang stalking, government conspiracy, high crimes and cover-ups in America. Is anybody from the Patriot movement listening? I hope so! 

Official confirms what thousands of victims have long known: an evil U.S. shadow government is conducting a covert, taxpayer-funded genocidal purge of American society -- while Congress and an apparently entrained Obama administration sleep.

Former Special Agent in charge (this is the rank of the top official at the FBI Field Office level) Ted Gunderson spoke in 2007 on government corruption and gang stalking at the Freedom Law School in California . Gunderson is a retired investigator who was the Head of the Los Angelis, Memphis, and Dallas offices of the FBI. He lectures and writes extensively on government conspiracy and government corruption.

He reads from a report he prepared for the Senate Intelligence Committee stating that there are "thousands of victims that have been targeted by an illegal U.S. Government rogue enterprise that is active 24 hours a day within the United States...far too active to be controlled or operated by private enterprise...private enterprise goals are to achieve financial gain...these operations require extensive financing with no return on the investment...these programs are financed by illegal black operations, i.e., drugs, prostitution, gambling, kidnapping children who are auctioned off as sex slaves."

Gunderson further describes in the same lecture his systematic harassment and the numerous attempts on his life due to his public statements on high level government corruption leading to several Presidential Offices. At one point he describes being a target of "gang stalking",

In a recent symposium on the Gulf Coast and 9/11 disasters, Gunderson went into further details about gang stalking. Through his 30 years of experience and research, in addition to nearly as much time in the FBI, Gunderson lays down the framework of gang stalking in the U.S. He states it is an illegal black-ops program of military intelligence, CIA and FBI that makes COINTELPRO of his day look like Sunday school. Throughout the U.S. operating 24/7 there is a Central Command, located in the U.S., with multiple satellite offices whose administrators can instantly initiate surveillance, phone taps, and harassment. They have the technology, government funding and manpower to dispense against anyone at any time! Gunderson has files on the program and thousands of case studies on individuals he calls "targeted". This is the truth about illegal government gang stalking from the mouth of a top ranking career FBI Chief with thirty years experience in the Bureau.

You can quickly come to the determination that both the street level hoods and the organized crime element are nothing but doomed dupes in a social engineering experiment the scope of which has never been seen in this country.

Victims are far too often exposed to disinformation and tricks. Ted Gunderson is the real deal and he is suffering for his patriotism. Go to and review his informative site. The truth is right in front of your nose. Use your God-given intuition to evaluate what this American hero has to say on these matters (dozens of informative lectures available on Youtube alone).

Why is it that retired intelligence professionals do not express critical opinions of their leaders publicly more often? On Tuesday, February 15, 2011, retired career CIA analyst Ray McGovern turned his back on a speech by Secretary of State Clinton while wearing a Veterans for Peace T-shirt. He was roughed up by two government security thugs and arrested before he even uttered a word. The hypocrisy of this Administration browbeating Iran, China and North Korea on a regular basis, and, then treating its own dissidents with violence is obscene. Clearly, this nation shows "American exceptionalism" in arrogance and hypocrisy. It demands, with gun barrel diplomacy, that the world operate by one set of rules, and, itself another. It is noteworthy that no major news media picked up the story. 


Author's note: Former FBI official Ted Gunderson died of cancer on July 31, 2011. Was his illness induced by silent electromagnetic assault or by other nefarious means? We will never know -- and that's just the way certain entities want it.

A former senior official of the Federal Bureau of Investigation says "rogue" military intelligence and law enforcement units of the federal government oversee a nationwide network of community-based "gang stalking" harassment, intimidation and domestic terrorism directed at thousands of U.S. citizens who have been extrajudicially targeted as "dissidents" or undesirables.

Ted Gunderson, 82, who has served as the special agent in charge of the FBI's Los Angeles, Memphis and Dallas field offices, has stated in a series of public speaking appearances that he is now targeted by these same elements, and fears for his life and for the safety of his family. He reports that the windows of his home have been shot out, and he believes he has been poisoned and physically sickened by those seeking to silence him.

Since his retirement from the FBI in the 1979, Gunderson has been a Southern California- based private investigator. He is most noted for his defense work on the murder case involving former Army physician Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald.

The ex-FBI official's comments represent the most compelling testimony to date indicating that "black operations" of the federal government are dedicated to waging a covert war of terror and persecution targeting American citizens.

"Based on my thirty years' experience and research, I have determined there are thousands of victims who have been targeted by an illegal U.S. government rogue criminal enterprise -- military intelligence, probably, tied into CIA and FBI and so forth --

"It is far too extensive to be controlled by private enterprise," Gunderson said. "I believe this well organized and sophisticated operation has a central command located somewhere in the United States, with multiple satellite offices scattered throughout the country."

Said Gunderson:

"It appears those who administer the program can call any location in the United States for surveillance, a telephone tap, or... harassment directed at a victim, and immediately dispense manpower to the source... This well-greased, covert operation makes the old FBI counterintelligence program (code-named "Cointelpro") look like a Sunday school class."

Gunderson also maintains that federal security and law enforcement agencies and commands have been infiltrated by members of secret societies such as the Illuminati, which he has described as a satanic criminal cult.

This correspondent has reported that Lockheed Martin, the world's largest defense contractor and the prime cyber-security and information technology supplier to the federal government, coordinates the communications and trains the "team leaders" of a nationwide Gestapo-like apparatus, which has tentacles into every security and law enforcement agency in the nation, including state and local police and 72 regional "fusion centers" administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. According to company literature, Lockheed Martin has operations in 46 of the 50 states.

Lockheed Martin also has operational command and control over a U.S. government microwave radio frequency weapon system, deployed on cell tower masts throughout the U.S., that is being used to silently torture, impair, subjugate and electronically incarcerate so-called "targeted individuals." The nexus of this American "torture matrix" appears to be Lockheed Martin's Mission and Combat Support Solutions central command center in Norristown, Montgomery County, PA., which employs several thousand workers. The defense contractor's global headquarters is in Bethesda, MD, just outside the nation's capital.

Lockheed Martin, under contract to U.S. security and intelligence agencies and commands, also conducts warrantless surveillance of the telecommunications of targeted persons, and routinely censors and tampers with the content of their communications, as this reporter has documented in a series of recent articles:

Thousands of Americans, including this veteran journalist, have publicly reported being the victims of silent electromagnetic assault and community-based home intrusions, vandalism, and even the poisoning of food, water and air. Federal and local law enforcement routinely dismiss their reports as the product of delusions or mental illness, and refuse to investigate their complaints.

These "targets" and their families have been physically harmed and financially destroyed as a result of taxpayer-funded "psychological operations," police-protected community "stalking" harassment and malicious vandalism, and other covert programs of personal destruction, including government-assisted financial sabotage. Many appear to have been targeted as a result of their politics; their activism or corporate whistle-blowing activities; their ethnic background; or as a result of score-settling vendettas by persons in positions of power -- in government and in the private sector.

The former FBI executive's remarks are only now attracting widespread exposure on this and other web sites. This correspondent believes that recent revelations of government-sponsored domestic terrorism against U.S. citizens have prompted some conscientious insiders to call attention to Gunderson's public statements.

Gunderson has said that government-sponsored gang stalking terrorism is financed "through illegal black operations," such as sales of illegal drug; gambling; prostitution; and even sexual exploitation of children. But this reporter believes it is more likely that programs of government-sponsored domestic terrorism are funded from military and security "black ops" budgets that have been illegally diverted to covert domestic programs administered and conducted primarily by defense contractors.

Late last year, The New York Times disclosed that an official of the U.S. Air Force had set up an unauthorized military intelligence spy ring in Pakistan and Afghanistan, run by Lockheed Martin and funded by defense appropriations. 

This correspondent suspects that a similar arrangement could be funding government-sponsored "gang stalking" operations throughout the nation, and has urged Congress to immediately hold public hearings as part of a comprehensive investigation of military-style "black ops" targeting American citizens and their families -- a silent, slow-kill genocide motivated by ideology and hate.

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