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Carboxylic Acid: Nomenclature

To understand how IUPAC nomenclature of carboxylic acids works we will name the molecule below


Acetic Acid

Step 1

Identify the main chain, it must contain the carboxylic acid functional group and name it as the base group

Step 2

Write the numbers on the carbons to count how many carbons are in the main chain. Numbering starts from the carboxylic acid carbon

This main chain consists of only 2 carbons and is therefore an ethane

Step 3

Identify the carboxylic acid functional group. “ -COOH” within the main chain 

Step 4

Now we have to drop the “e” from the alkane group, and add the suffix for nomenclature of carboxylic acids “- oic acid”

Any type of functional group would still be put in the normal IUPAC nomenclature notation

Without practice how can you truly understand? Here practice these nomenclature problems

1) Derive the IUPAC nomenclature for the following molecules

a)                                                                     b)


e)ethandoic acid                                            f) 3-bromohex-3enoic acid

Answers are in the attachments

Since we know everything about them, except the one that you want to know the most. How to make them!

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