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This is, obviously the Home Page... the site is currently under construction, so I'll add more here soon. 

The question with any online presence is how much can I say, without giving away who I am...They talk all the time about the need for keeping your personal information safe on the internet, and this page is very much public. I think for now this will basically be a little hobby, something I can play around with and see what happens. 

I'll keep looking in to options, but maybe a blog is more what I'm after. I'll have to post a link if I go to that. One of the biggest reasons for moving may be that I can get people's feedback without having to give out my email, and I think you can run Adsense off your Blog too, and a little pocket change is always nice.

Well, in the end, I ended up going with a blog, and that's where the action is, so check it out.