My current research focuses on high-resolution seismic imaging of the crust and the upper mantle using ambient noise and earthquake data. My goal is to better understand the tectonic, geodynamic and geological evolution history of continents, in particular, the formation of individual tectonic units within continents, such as the plateaus, basins, orogens, rifts and volcanoes.

1. Uplift of Hangai Dome in central Mongolia

Animation that shows 360-degree rotating view of low-wavespeed structures beneath Hangai

Three-dimensional visualization of low-wavespeed structures beneath the Hangai area rendered from EARA2014 [Chen et al., 2015, JGR] and the interpretations.

2. Multi-parameter adjoint tomography of  East Asia using earthquake data

3. Adjoint tomography of  SW Europe using earthquake data

4. Adjoint tomography of SE Tibet using ambient noise

Min Chen,
Aug 6, 2015, 12:09 PM