About Mina

Mina is a freelance writer, editor, stylist and all-around creative consultant who has worked in the publishing industry for a decade now. Her passion for fashion has taken her from Manila to Singapore, honing her sartorial skills at several women's fashion magazines. She was Features Editor at Mega  (Manila), Deputy Editor at  Style: (Singapore) and Editor at Female (Singapore). 

She specialises in fashion, beauty, health & wellness, and lifestyle. She is the Contributing Editor at luxury travel and lifestyle magazine Inspire and Editor of fashion and beauty blog,  The Glamour Zone. She's written her first non-fiction fashion book under Firebird Press, which will be available in 2011. 

Mina lives in Singapore with her husband, Chidon. 

If you would like to request for a a copy of her complete CV, please email info@minasunico.com. Thanks!