Board of Trustees

Dutamardin Umar

Dutamardin Umar, born August 17, 1947 in Pariaman, West Sumatra,  grew in Tebingtinggi Deli, North Sumatra. Studied and married in Jakarta. Now living in Virginia, USA. Expertise in Industrial Management. Father of 5 children.

Firdaus Kadir

Firdaus Kadir was born in Tanjung Sani, Maninjau. He arrived in the United States in the early 80's. Firdaus is active in promoting community well-being. He is one of the founders of IMAAM - Indonesian Muslim Association in America and currently serves as its Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Fajdril Asikin

Born in Palembang on 30 September 1947. Attended Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran in Jakarta. He came to the US in 1972 to further his education while working  part-time to finance his schooling. Currently, the proud owner of towing services. He and his wife are now residing in Bethesda, MD.

Hasan Husain (Almarhum)

Hasan Husain was born in Pare-Pare, South Sulawesi.  Studied architecture at the University of Makassar. Married and living happily with wife and a daughter Aanisah in Washington, DC.

Malik Abdullah