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It felt so cool to see  the BIOS info showing Core-2 Extreme at  2.93MHZ and the LEDs on my Memory  DIMMS scrolling  accross showing  the temp  and other info. :D I will show snapshots of this soon! Very Very cool indeed!



Core2 Cuo E6700 = 0801

(2.66GHz, 1066FSB, L2:4MB, rev.B2) 

Core2 Extreme  = 0901 


2006-08-14: Downtime Wait - Again!

It it time again to clean up my room, organize, and go back to my Powerbook for Internet access. However, I am interested to see if my older power supply (520W) can actually powerup my new mobo, CPU and the power hungry EN7950GX2. I will try it out tonight.....

2006-08-12:Little New Speakers!

Well, I came accross a little speaker that I can not only just hook up to my ipod, but also to my PC as well. It is a very low end cute speaker but I can use this guy while my speakers are getting fixed. Also, I can use it for my ipod from time to time. It looks cool too! I am happy about this purchase. :D

2006-08-12: Bose Speaker Issue

My Bose Speakers are also not working. When one touches the volume controller, the volume power should turn on but it does not. I believe this volume controller is broken. Anyway, I brought this part over to Akihabara to have it looked at. Like the powersupply, this part also needs to be sent back to the this case be fixed or replacement. However, it has been over a year so my guareentee has been expired. Not only that, I can not find it. Anyway, I will have to pay for this part...let hope it does not cost too much.

2006-08-12: PowerSupply Issue

 My PowerSupply is extremely noisy. It is a the parts inside the ps so I can not fix this. Instead, I brought it over to T-Zone and have them look at it. Well, I thought they would fix it and return it to me but it looks like they have to send it to the maker and get a replacement. It does not cost me any money but I have to spend yet another period of downtime. :< Just have to wait until I get a phone call to pick up the new one.

2006-08-07: Oblivion Outside

 The Outside on this game is great! Maybe the framerate dropped a little but I can really notice. It is very playable. The only complaint is some of the textures wash out when looking far away like across the river. However, this is not hardware but architecture of the game...that is to say, it is done on purpose.

2006-08-06: Elder Scolls 4: Oblivion

Here comes the final test of what Senju Extreme PC can do. I installed this game and the patch and started to play. I only played about an half hour and everything is just cool but I have not made it to the outside. I have everything turned on to the max and the highest setting for everything including the resolution. I am sure I will probably have to taylor down a little when I get to the outside but I have no performance issues in the caves! :D Tomorrow I will give you my impression about the Outside.....

2006 - 08 - 04: Awesome Performance!

Today I went through the routine of installint the OS and various drivers. The first thing I did for *Fun* software, I installed PREY. With *EVERYTHING* turned on max and all the goodies, I played with Prey for about an hour. It is perfect - very beutiful and complete smoothness. It can not get better than this!

Note: It will take me a couple of weeks  of installing software, etc. to get it to the environment I want. Again, I still have to solve the issue regarding the PS fan noise and speakers as well.

2006 - 08 - 03: Up and Running....almost!

I connected all the dots and Da Da! I saw the magic of my PC comming alive. Well almost...I still had my old XP and data running on the boot disk so tons of pop up windows telling me that new HW has been detected. Well, the only smart thing to do is to a *CLEAN* install using OS XP/SP2.  You would think this would be straight foward with XP but not so. Regarding the MS docs, when you install XP on an exsisting XP with one partition, a prompt will come up asking to either Repair your XP or Upgrade. Now one *SHOULD* be able to select "ETC" at this time to bypass this and get to the fomat disk menu. Well I tried with 2 keyboards but for some dam reason the "ETC" does not respond. Anyway, I stopped here for now. I already created a XP bootup disk which will allow me to format my disk using Dos commands. I will do this tomorrow. 

Some Issues - My nice speakers are not working. What the F##!! I going to phone Bose support and see what can be done about this. Also, my new and great Power Supply FAN is making very load and nasty noises. I will try to unmount and mount the device in my chasis to see if this helps. If it does not, I will take it to T-Zone and get it replaced. There is no point to have a nice and quite CPU and a dam noisy PS.

 The FIX - Oh, I forgot to tell you  what was REALLY  wrong.  It ended up  that the CPU was fine. Also the mobo was fine.  In fact, all my parts are fine. As you may have known, my mobo was out to market *prior* to Core-2. The mobo did not reconized the new CPU based on the current CMOS state. All was required is to clear the CMOS by changing a jumper on the mobo. Once that was done, the mobo was able to allow the new info about the CPU. Also, the BIOS was needed to be upgraded again to Version 9. FYI - Version 0801 is for the other Core2 but Core2 EXTREME required 0901. That is what you get for being on the cutting edge! :D

 2006 - 08 - 03: The Call from T-zone!

Guess What! I got the call from T-zone today! WOW! Never too soon! :D  That was real fast! Ok. Cool! I will go to T-Zone after wook and pick up my stuff! Run home...wel acturally take the train and walk home .....and assemble my PC and I should have the OS up and running by the end of the day! Wish me good luck......

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2006 - 08 - 02: The Intel Core2 Extreme Badge

While I wait for my parts from T-Zone I recieved the offical Inteal Core2 Extreme Badge in the amil today! Cool. It does look great! Maybe I can sell it on EBAY for some high price but nay.....I kinda like it so I will keep it. Besides, maybe in 10 or 20 years from now it may get some real collectors value! :D

 2006 - 08 - 01: T-Zone Advice

I left early from work today to go to T-Zone. First of all, I had my Memory Checked.  Memory Fine!  I know the power supply is fine since T-Zone is using the same one at their testing labs. Also, my EN7950 GX2 board check out fine! Whew!  As for the mobo, they told me a new Bios ahs been released from 7.02 to 8.01 and should bring the mobo and CPU to be checked out. So...I went home and back back an hour later with the parts.  Now, This is whatI found out. T-Zone was able to reproduce the same issue I has having - the infamous blackout. They finally came to the conclution that my new CPU was a bad egg. Well that sucks big time! On only that, they can not replace the 6800 CPU for a working one because it is out-of-stock. Shit man!  The good news is they have all my PC parts and promise to get all of them up and running together including booting up on XP Pro. Once they get teh parts and successfully complete the tests, they will call me. So I can only wait now. But the great news is I will not loose PC parts or money because of this....Just Time! For these expensive parts, I am willing to wait a week or so. But the sooner the better! In the meantime, , I will use my Apple PowerMac from work. No...not the new Intel one...a very old PowerPC 697Mhz guy. 

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