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 2006 - 07 - 31: Blackout: Moved an inch but....

I checked my CPU and could see that the heatsink was not properly inserted into the motherboard. This caused an off blalancee and extra heat ( I assume). Most Mobos nowadays (including this one) will have the PC power down if it detects the CPU or other parts over heating to prevent damage. Anyway, this was fixed and I powered up. This time, I stayed on ! Great! But one thing....there was no display showing up on my monitor, IT was a complete blackout! :< What do I do now? 

  The Story Continues.......

 2006 - 07 - 30: What the F##!!!!!

Well, I got everything setup and for the first time in 2 months, I heard music to my ears! the humming from the Power Supply. Except it died on me after 20 seconds. Should I cry? Give up and throw everything out the door? Not quite yet. I plan to talk with T-Zone (PC Shop) and bring my parts in for checking. 

 The Story Continues.......

 2006 - 07 - 28: The Big Day!

I went straight to Akihabara  T-Zone from work to check if Intel's new Core2 Extreme CPU was availiable. Wow! The 6800 was staring me right in the face. Wtihout any hesitiation, I called out the closest clerk and told him I want to buy that chip. It cost displayed as 13 man. ( I was kinda expecting this but was hoping for 11 or 12man). I also got my new mobo to support the new chip. Well I ended up getting the P52 DH (intel chip) editon which cost me about 3 man but I went over 1 man. Oh Well! It was still a happy day for me. I went up to the service counter because I needed to upgrade my Bios (version 7.02) in order to support the chip.

 2006 - 07 - 17 : PC FAN Blues

 When I wnet to T-Zone on Sunday, I saw they had my much wanted LED iFLASH 80x80 FA. It did not cost too much so I got it. I plan to replace it with my current 80x80 FAN that is on my side panel. The only problem is I cannot remove teh FAN from teh panel. The screws are on too tight and I can not loosen them. :< In fact, I even bought  a new plus driver but it just makes the grooves on the nuts even worse. I do not think I cwill be able to do this. IT is complete stuck! I do plan to upgrade my panel to a full window panel with 80x80 cut hole for the FAN but that was not planned until next year. It just can get very fustrating as you know.

 2006-07-14: Memory Upgrade Part 2

 Can you believe it? I went to T-Zone and they told me that the Corsair TWIN2048 DDR-800 (without the LED) was just sold out! This was the memory I was planning to trade today. I asked them if they had the XPERT (LED version) of the same type. They said "YES". I was not expecting them to have it since 2 days ago it was not avaliable. Well, I am going over budget here but I really wanted this version anyway. I guess luck is on my side! :D T-Zone is holding the memory for me until I purchase it which should be on SUnday (July 16th). Very few PC builders will have such cool memory to show off!

 2006-07-13: Memory Upgrade

If you look closely, you will notice that if I am going to be building an Intel Conroe ndivia SLI system, I will require not DDR400 but DDR2 800Mhz memory. I just bought the  Consair XPERT TWINXP2048-3200C2 which is DDR400. I went to T-Zone (where I bought the memory) and told them the issue and they told me I can trade (no extra costs) my DDR400 to another product with simular value like the TWIN2048 DDR-800 memory (which happens to be the same price). YES!!!!! I will go today! The only downside is I will go back to pain unlighted memory (without the cool LED). There is a version for DDR2 in the XPERT LED family but it is over 1 man more. DAM! However, in Januray2007, I am thinking of upgrading to this version so I have something to look forward to! :D If there is a will, there is a way!

 2006-07-12: The Big Wait!

 I have some excieting news! I checked my budget and I am able to use my Winter Bonus now to pay for my next EXtreme PC parts by my good old VISA card from7/16. My budget will be 15man yen (Maybe estimated about $1,500?). Hay, that is only a few days from now! :D However, if you been up-to-date with what is going on with the CPU world, you will know that Intel is launching its next generation of CPUs on 7/23. However, I probably will not be able to purchase off-the-counter Conroe 6800Extreme until Aug 8th, here in Japan. To get me on the top-of-the-line 6800 Extreme with either Asus or nvidia nforce 590 SLI Intel edition is too good to be true! I have the budget for this. The only issue now is to wait it out. It is strange to be without any computer fo the whole summer.....say nothing about not able to play any games but I am willing to do the long wait!

 2006-07-10: From Bad to Worse!

 Well, Things went from bad to worse! I completely destroyed my brand new Mobo Asus A8N-SLI Premium and may AMD64FX CPU. First of all, one of my PINS on my CPU was completely bent. This is unfixable and will fry up if I try to powerup. But then again, I think that is WHY I can not powerup at all. The other issue, is because I put way too much Thermal "SILVER" pate on my CPU, then I took it off to clean it, some of it seep into the cracks of holes for the pins on my Mobo. I consulted with the technical guy at Two Top and there is is no way to clean that out so it is useless! What am I going to do?

 2006-07-01: OFFLINE

 I am currently have my PC disembled. I am doing upgrades on several parts but having problems on the way. My biggest concern is I put too much thermal paste on my CPU. I did not powerup (well, I tried but I am not getting any power but I this is yet another different issue). Anyway, I trying to clean up my CPU and the sockets in my MOBO. I see that the pate got inside 4 to 5 of the holes. If I powerup, there is a good chance of a power surge which could destory both my MOBO and CPU. To solve this, I wil go to Two-Top (where I bought both of the parts) and have them test it this Saturday. If one or both do not work, I will have to break out my VISA card and get new parts but if they *do* work, then I am pretty confident that I can get my PC up and runing.