The MORE Blueprint

 The MORE Blueprint is a statewide roadmap that includes goals and strategies focusing on:

  • education that leads to engaged, civically inclined students and natural resource stewardship
  • creating a sense of place in Michigan’s people and communities
  • promoting strong ties between schools and communities, and
  • moving schools, businesses and communities toward sustainability

To that end, the MORE Blueprint brings together state agencies and the education, nonprofit, business, recreation, conservation, health, and agricultural communities to develop a comprehensive state plan—a blueprint— to connect Michigan’
s kids with nature. The MORE Blueprint will outline and recommend strategies targeted at achieving for Michigan an environmentally literate, healthy population; thriving, balanced and enriching sense of place; and increased economic viability.

It will therefore address both school and non-school settings in areas such as:
  • health 
  • community planning and access 
  • the blue /green economy and preparedness of the coming/next generation workforce, and 
  • the care and use of Michigan’s natural resources 
By targeting these areas, which impact kids both in and out of school, the intention is to ensure Michigan’s kids are prepared for the knowledge-based, greening and increasingly global economy and encourage and empower them as engaged, informed citizens and stewards of the natural world.

Throughout the Blueprint’s development the focus will be on implementation, to ensure the strategies and actions identified become reality for the people of Michigan. The target completion date for the development of the MORE Blueprint is June 2014.

The creation of the MORE Blueprint will position Michigan to be ready and eligible for funding that may become available through currently pending federal legislation, such as the No Child Left Inside Act and Healthy Kids Outdoors Act.

To get involved with the development of the MORE Blueprint,

 see how you can Do MORE.

No Child Left Inside Act of 2013
Amends the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) 
to direct the Secretary of Education to award grants to states and, 
through them, competitive subgrants to eligible partnerships to 
support the implementation of state environmental literacy plans 
that include environmental education standards and teacher training.

House of Representatives Bill Summary and Status - H.R. 2702

Senate Bill Summary and Status - S. 1306

Healthy Kids Outdoors Act of 2011
Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to issue one cooperative agreement
per state to eligible entities to implement and update a five-year Healthy Kids
Outdoors State Strategy for encouraging Americans, especially children, youth,
and families, to be physically active outdoors.

House of Representatives Bill Summary and Status - H.R. 3353