All About Eventing...

An Event is the combination of 3 tests... These tests, at the highest levels, take place individually on 3 consecutive days.
At the lower levels, they compete in a "short form",
where Dressage and Stadium(or XC) is on Saturday,
while Cross-Country (or Stadium) is on Sunday.
1. Dressage Test  The object of a Dressage test is the harmonious development of the physique and ability of the horse. The test consists of a series of compulsory movements at walk, trot and canter gaits, within a rectangular arena 60 m. long and 20 m. wide. To perform a good Dressage test, the horse needs to be flexible and fluid. To keep the strong Eventing horses under the firm control required by the exacting Dressage movements involves great knowledge and understanding. A good Dressage test lays the foundation for the rest of the competition and horses that are found wanting in this phase face an uphill struggle to get up amongst the prize-winners.

2. Cross-Country Test The focus of the entire event is on the Cross-Country test, the objective of which is to prove the speed, endurance and jumping ability of the horse, while at the same time demonstrating the rider’s knowledge of pace and the use of his horse. Consisting in a course comprising dozens of jumping efforts on natural solid obstacles such as: stone walls, woodpiles, water, ditches, etc. The aim is to jump all the fences within the limits of the time allowed. Exceeding the time allowed in this phase results in penalties. Penalties are also given for refusals and falls of horse or rider. All penalties are added together and recorded for inclusion in the final classification. The first fall of a horse and second of a rider entails elimination.



3. Stadium Jumping Test The Jumping test takes place on the last day. Riders may voluntarily retire their horses if they seem unfit to continue. This test is run in reverse order of merit and its main objective is to prove that the horses have retained their suppleness, energy and obedience in order to jump a course of 10 to 13 obstacles.

The Winner of an Event is the rider and horse pair with the lowest number of penalties.


Gaston; Dressage Show October 2009





Dersu; Schooling XC in NY summer 2008
Wild Bear; Stadium Jumping in Conyers October 2007