Photo Gallery 2

photos of projects made from my free patterns

Thanks to Gene for showing us his creation made from this free pattern.


Here's another brimmed hat, this one's from Beige.  



Thanks to Tina  and Deneen for showing us the bags they made using this pattern.


Here's a cute coaster made from this pattern. Photo taken from Neicee.  


A flower purse using the flower applique here.                                                       A hat by Marisa, using the star applique.

  This is from Brandy.      


       This hook case is from Sue.   

This is the striped hat, made by Fe.


A baby hat adapted from this pattern. 

These 3 baby hats were made from the same pattern. The one with blue flower is Cathy's ,  the one on the baby with red flowers Ashley's, and the other one, with  a red flower is made by Tina.


Projects made from my patterns for sale are shown here.