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Crochet and Other Stuff - blog

November 2006

I  learned to crochet when I was 11 years old. I saw my mom making a doily and was fascinated that she was able to make something out of a ball of thread and a hook! I borrowed her books and taught myself to crochet. After learning how to make doilies, I got tired doing some and I didnt want to make table runners or anything big yet.   In the late 80's and early 90's, when I had kids (only two), I  was hooked on crochet projects. I just had to make them booties, caps and mittens! Later on I had to make them stuff toys. I was really motivated by the joy that I saw in their eyes, upon seeing what I had made. At this time I was able to buy some imported books and magazines, and my kids even picked what I would do next. I was surprised though, when I realized I could crochet some projects without a pattern. I made a Donald Duck hand puppet based on a plastic toy.

A few years later, I set aside again my crocheting when there was no more  need to make baby items and toys. Wearing crochet wasnt in fashion at that time. I wasnt inspired to make a bedspread or afghan either, because of the warm weather here.

Then about 5 years ago, I saw that crochet became more popular as a craft and was becoming more visible in clothes and accessories. I started to write my own patterns too, mostly for novelty items and accessories. However, I had to hunt for crochet magazines to be able to make a wearable. A couple of years ago I got connected to the internet and learned that so much had already been going on in patterns and ideas for crochet, and there I was just starting to explore it! I had not known before of the tons of free patterns online.  I had not known of blogging until a year after I had internet access! It was only in May 2005 that I joined the internet community and shared my passion in crochet with other women like me. I created my  Crochet and Other Stuff  blog and joined crochet forums. Soon enough I gained friends from around the world and lots more inspiration from yarns, hooks and gifts and most of all,  encouragement, that I received from them.

Simultaneously, I  established my own business of selling threads online. I decided to sell only products made by Coats Manila Bay mainly ,  Cannon and Anchor threads . Moreover, I got a job as a freelance crochet designer for that same company, the leading thread manufacturer here in the Philippines.

My designs and work reflect my simple and practical ways. I tend to use neutral and earthy colors to create functional as well as fashionable items. However, I can also use bright colors and create more daring designs suitable for the tropical weather here.

I hope you enjoy looking at my crochet stuff, and if you have any inquiry, please email me.