Emergency Planning

The Parish Council has established an Emergency Plan which will be activated in the event of bad weather, traffic congestion or other serious incident until the Emergency Services are able to respond.

The latest Emergency Plan can be found here.

Parish Council Emergency Committee

The Committee meets bi monthly between September and April (and at other times as necessary).

The next meeting is on 16th September in the Victoria Rooms at 7:00pm. The agenda is here

A Volunteers meeting will be held on Monday 11th November at 7.00pm in the Victoria Rooms. 


The Parish has recruited approximately 40 volunteers who offer a variety of services from 4x4 vehicles to cooking and sign writing. It also has wardens in streets and hamlets who will communicate to neighbours about the incident and what is happening.

If you would like to volunteer to help in an emergency please print and fill in the form here and deliver a hard copy to the Parish Clerk at Haven House Fore Street.

NB By the nature of the role volunteers have to be publicly known and so have to be happy that their contact details are available. Please refer to our Data Protection and Privacy page.

Review of The Plan

The Council will review the Plan annually in September and publicise it at a Public Meeting in November.

This years meeting was held in the Victoria Rooms on 6th November at 6:30pm

The Parish Council is always keen to receive constructive feedback so if you have any suggestions or ideas please contact the Council on milverton.pc@gmail.com


Under the provisions of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 the Parish Council has a role in assisting in the response to incidents and events.

In order to discharge these responsibilities the Parish needs to have an Emergency Plan. Read more

The Parish Council signed off its first Emergency Plan in September 2017 and launched it at Public Meeting in November approximately 40 volunteers were recruited.

The Plan was used for the first time during the heavy snow and cold weather at the end of February 2017.

The operation and lessons learned were included in a presentation to the Somerset Prepared Day on 25th October 2018. The presentation can be found here 

Emergency Action Checklist

Somerset County Council

Contact Numbers

The following documents provide detailed advice for particular circumstances:

Severe Weather




Major Incidents


Business Continuity


Fire Prevention


Fire Safety


Risk Assessments


UK Resilience Risk