Emergency Planning

In view of the forecast of very cold weather this week Milverton Parish Council is activating its Emergency Plan on Monday 26th February 2018.

The primary purpose is to protect elderly and vulnerable residents during the impending cold snap. The Parish Council Emergency Committee will be working with the Vicar, Rev Helene Stainer, to ensure that those in the community without close support are looked after and do not want for warmth or hot food.

A secondary purpose is to prepare the village for a possible snowfall and make sure that grit bins are full, salt supplies and 4X4 vehicles are available and communications established with outlying areas.

The Parish Council is holding a briefing in the Victoria Rooms on Monday 26th February at 7pm to meet those available to help and set out how that help will be directed.


Under the provisions of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 the Parish Council has a role in assisting in the response to incidents and events.

In order to discharge these responsibilities the Parish needs to have an Emergency Plan. Read more

Emergency Action Checklist

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The following documents provide detailed advice for particular circumstances:

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