Elections 2011

District Council


(inc.Milverton & North Deane)

Parish Council Candidates (inc.Milverton)

Elections for Taunton Deane Borough Council and Milverton Parish Council took place on 5th May 2011.

From an electorate of 1091 there was a 60.9% turnout.

Gwilym Wren was elected District Councillor for Milverton and North Deane

The following Parish Councillors were elected:

Ian Ainsworth-Smith            280 votes

Molly Burton                        387 votes

Barrie Cottrell                      261 votes

Ian Gauntlett                        276 votes

Guy Hannaford                    311 votes

Rob Hendy                          211 votes

Jenny Hoyle                        377 votes

Russell Jenkins                   367 votes

Gill Lumby                           310 votes

Eileen McHardy                  361 votes

Trevor Phelps                     341 votes

Rachel Renfree                   336 votes

The following candidates were not elected

Frank Crawford                    209 votes

Philip Knowles                      206 votes

The new Council will take over at midnight on 9th May 2011