Parish Council Members from 6th May 2019

Milverton Parish Council has 12 members each elected for a 4 year term. The next elections will be in May 2023. Unfortunately there were only 7 nominations for the 2019 election and the Council will has filled the gaps through co-option.

Councillors Elected

Canon Ian Ainsworth-Smith (Chairman)
Mr Trevor Phelps (Vice Chairman)
Mrs Molly Burton
Mr Roger Cotton
Mrs Gill Lumby
Mrs Jane Argles
Mrs Sue Cottrell

The following Councillors were co-opted at the meeting on 3rd June 2019
Mr Duncan Stewart
Mr Philip Chambers
Mr Phil Young
Mr Jodie Norris
Mrs Anita Dakowski

Councillor Vacancies 
Following the resignation of two Councillors at the October meeting, the Parish Council has two vacancies. 
Unless an election is requested Councillors will fill these vacancies by co-option and would be pleased to hear from anyone who would like to play a role in this interesting and varied aspect of village life.
For details and an informal discussion please call the Chair of the Council Ian Ainsworth Smith or the Deputy Clerk, Lorna Thorne.
Candidates must be a citizen of the UK, Ireland or the EU, at least 18 years old and be an elector in the Parish or an owner of land in the Parish or lives within three miles of the Parish or works mainly in the Parish.

The current Committees and members are as follows: 

Allotment Committee 

Mr Phil Young, Mrs Anita Dakowski & Mrs Molly Burton 

Emergency Planning Committee      

Canon Ian Ainsworth-Smith, Mr Trevor Phelps, Mrs Gill Lumby & Mrs Jane Argles

Personnel and Contracts Committee

Canon Ian Ainsworth-Smith, Mr Trevor Phelps & Mr Philip Chambers

Amenity Committee (inc Toilets)

Mr Roger Cotton,Mrs Gill Lumby, Mr Duncan Stewart & Mr Jodie Norris

Appointment to Other Committees 

The following Councillors were appointed to represent the Parish Council on the following bodies for the coming year:      

Twinning Association: Mrs Anita Dakowsk

Victoria Rooms:  Mrs Lumby

Milverton United Charities: Canon Ainsworth-Smith, Mrs Cottrell and Mrs Burton

SALC Representatives: The Chairman, Canon Ainsworth-Smith

Milverton Trust: The Chairman has the role of ExOfficio Trustee and the following Councillors are appointed as trustees;Mrs Anita Dakowsk

Recreation Ground Committee:  Mr Young and Mrs Cottrell

Traffic Working Party: Mr Roger Cotton & Mrs Gill Lumby,

From the Wiveliscombe Area Partnership ContactMr T Field

Footpaths; Mrs Anita Dakowsk

Milverton Primary School & Governor Liaison Officer; Mr Norris

Finance: The Parish Council's External Auditor is Mr Nigel Morris