Parish Council Members from 11th May 2015

 Milverton Parish Council has 12 members each elected for a 4 year term. The next elections will be in May 2019.

At the Annual Parish Council Meeting in May the Chairman, Vice Chairman and representatives on Committees are elected.

The Chairman for 2018/19 is Dr Russell Jenkins

The Vice Chairman for 2018/19 is Dr Julie Richardson 


Canon Ian Ainsworth-Smith
Mrs Molly Burton
Mr Philip Chambers
Mr Roger Cotton
Mr Rob Hendy
Mrs Gill Lumby
Mrs Michelle Pine
Mr Philip Chambers
Co-Opted Members
Mr Jodie Morris
Mr James Wade

The current Committees and members are as follows: 

Allotment Committee 

Mrs Gill Lumby,    

Dr Julie Richardson

Mr Philip Chambers

Emergency Planning Committee      

The Chairman

Mr Rob Hendy

Canon Ainsworth Smith

Mr Philip Chambers

Personnel and Contracts Committee

The Chairman,

Vice Chairman

Mr Hendy.

Amenity Committee (inc Tollets)

Vice Chairman

Mrs Lumby

Mr Chambers

Mr Cotton

1 vacancy

Appointment to Other Committees 

The following Councillors were appointed to represent the Parish Council on the following bodies for the coming year:      

Twinning Association: Vacant

Victoria Rooms:  Mrs Lumby

Milverton United Charities: Canon Ainsworth-Smith and Mrs Burton

SALC Representatives: The Chairman; Mrs Hoyle will deputise. 

Milverton Trust : The Chairman has the role of ExOfficio Trustee and the following Councillors are appointed as trustees Mr Hendy and Mr Chambers

Recreation Ground Committee:  Mr Hendy and Mrs Hoyle

10 Parishes Representative: Mrs Hoyle is a Director of 10 Parishes

Appointment of Officers

Footpaths Mrs Pine. Dr Richardson will assist.

Footpath Liaison Officer Mrs Pine

Finance : The Parish Council's External Auditor is Mr Nigel Morris