Draft Milverton Parish Council Meeting Agenda March 2019

The next Parish Council meeting will be on Monday 4th March 2019 in the Victoria Rooms at 7:00pm. The draft agenda is above.

Any Planning Reports can be found under Papers for Next meeting

The following meetings will be:

  • Parish Council Meeting Monday 4th March 2018 in the Victoria Rooms at 7.00pm
  • Parish Council Meeting Monday 1st April 2019 in the Victoria Rooms at 7.00pm
  • Annual Parish Council Meeting Monday 13th May 2019 in the Victoria Rooms at 7.00pm

All agendas are published no later than three clear working days before the meeting.

The public are welcome to attend all meetings. There is a specific open public question time at the start.

All meetings have standing agenda items for Finance, Crime, Roads, Footpaths and Allotments.

The January meeting sets the Precept for the following Financial Year.

The February meeting normally considers Grants and Grant requests.

The Annual Parish Council meeting in May elects the Chairman, Committees and Officers for the year and reviews documents.

The December meeting reviews expenditure and considers the Estimates for the following year.

Planning applications are taken as when the Council is asked for a decision or comment. If it is a matter for a Parish Council decision there will always be a TDBC Planning officer present.