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Milverton & Fitzhead Parish Magazine
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Advertising Rates
  • £35.00 per square, per year (11 issues as July/ August is one issue).
    Charge for half page space £200 per year (black and white), £300 per year in colour subject to availability
    Charge for a whole page A5 £400 per year (black and white), £600 per year in colour subject to availability
  • Advertisements are accepted on a "first come first served" throughout the year subject to space being available.
  • Advertising copy will only be accepted by email.
  • Ads will only be inserted once payment is received and cleared. 
  • An example of the A5 page is shown below and on the application form.

How to advertise
  • Email your advertising copy to ads@milvertonparishmag.org.uk  if required (new or alteration)
  • Complete the form and post/deliver to us.  
    Payment may be made by cheque and also by internet banking.
    • (all details on the form). 

  • Please email ads@milvertonparishmag.org.uk  if you have any problems

Facts about our magazine and its circulation

  • The Magazine is FREE to all residents of Milverton & Fitzhead.
  • 800 magazines are printed and distributed to every home in Milverton & Fitzhead.
  • Additional copies are kept at the Church and the Post Office for non-residents to pick up if required.
  • Additional copies are available in the Milverton Post Office & St Michaels Church.
  • The total readership is believed to be much greater as it is passed on to family, friends and people who previously lived in the area.