About Me

I am a Professor of Economics at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.

I publish under my full Greek name, Miltiadis Makris, but otherwise I use the everyday version of my name: Miltos Makris. (In case you are still trying to figure out my first and my family names, the family name is Makris!) 

My research areas are Theoretical Microeconomics, Public Economics, Dynamic Public Finance, Political Economics and Economic Growth.

My current research interests include the study of optimal income taxation, dynamic tax competition, understanding the drivers of R&D investment, the study of strategic complementarities in macroeconomics, experimentation, as well as auction theory, contract theory, and dynamic mechanism and information design. My main research approach has been theoretical modelling, often combined with experiments and/or computational analysis.

My research has policy implications for the alleviation of inequality and the design of the income tax code, the scope of barriers to capital tax competition in Europe, the need for the introduction of a stabilisation tax on financial transactions, the design of licence auctions and takeovers, the organisation of markets, the impact of communications in strategic interactions e.t.c.

I am a contributor to the blog: http://GreekEconomistsforReform.com

I have also written some articles for various Greek media on the Euro crisis. For these and their versions in English please follow the link Some thoughts on current debates at the Navigation menu. 

You can also find me at Researchgate