This club is currently inactive.

This club is currently inactive.


The Murrells Inlet Light Tackle Fishing Club is having an open round-table chat session/meeting on Oct 13th at 7 PM at the Waccamaw Neck Branch Library on Pawleys Island. There will be no set agenda or speaker just a wide open fishing discussion by local fisherman. The subject matters will be decided by those in attendance. In addition the entire contents of a serious fisherman’s estate will be sold off.

From Scott Lamprecht, Fish Biologist 


A colleague of mine is working with a college of Charleston student on a striped bass genetics project. He’d like to obtain samples from the Pee Dee drainage. They plan to sample this coming spring at Blewett Falls dam. But, would also like to obtain some (20-30) from the lower end of the Pee Dee.

Is there anyone in MILTF that participates in the winter striper fishery in the lower Waccamaw or Pee Dee around the route 17 bridge? If so, please help me so that we can get them outfitted with a fin clip preservation kit.


Backyard Fishing

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Welcome Message from Club Organizer

Welcome fellow fishermen & fisherwomen and thank you for joining me today. My name is Jim Tergis and I’m very excited about the exciting opportunities we have for light tackle fishing here in the Murrells Inlet area.  We have both salt and freshwater game fish to challenge every skill level. Please join us at our next club meeting which can be found on our calendar and find out why we call ourselves the Murrells Inlet Light Tackle Fishing Club.



When I moved to the Murrells Inlet area about 2 ½ years ago, I never envisioned that I would struggle to catch fish.  I expected that after 50 years of chasing freshwater fish over most of the northeast and Canada that I would have no trouble adapting to saltwater. Now I feel like a novice again (and believe me, that feeling sucks).  Everything here is so different from what I thought I knew, and my learning curve is proving to be a very, very slow process indeed.  Recently I began thinking that I needed some experienced help to show me the local ways, much like I did when I was in Northern Virginia.  I realized that there must be others out there just like me.   So today I will try to solve this problem for all of us by bringing the right people together to do what we all do with a great deal of zest...  TALK AND ENJOY "GOING FISHING" (of course, and in the end, I hope that means some catching for me too).  That’s what I like and that's what I would like for this club to be all about - learning and doing with people who enjoy the same thing.

Nathan at Gramies for Easter



The success of this club (like most clubs) is dependent on the willingness of its members to serve as a volunteer.  

Volunteering can be done several ways - contact Jim Tergis:

In person at the meeting
Email to
Call 843-947-0271

The following positions are vacant at this time and volunteers are needed to fill them:

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