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1930s style hotel I got inspired by some streetview images on GE. 5 (1) HERE 
2 Story Villa I modeled this villa for a little video on YouTube. Floorplan found on Google. HERE 
3D flag of Holland / The Netherlands I added this flag to a flags model insde the Edit Me collection. 5 (1) HERE 
A House Under Construction I was just goofing around. HERE 
Alarm Clock I modeled the alarm clock on my desk. 4 (1) HERE 
Apartment building I built an apartment building, and suddenly I got this magical idea to render it, and us renders as textures! HERE 
Apartment building for street corner My first entry for the new Monopoly Citystreets Contest! 5 (4) HERE 
Aquarium I modeled my old 'Moby Dick' - aquarium when it broke down, 'cause I've got lots of memories with this object. HERE 
Baltimore Rowhouses Some typical Baltimore rowhouses. 5 (1) HERE 
Bryce is staring at you! Fooling around with Bryce 1 (4) HERE 
car design with special parts My second car; I didn't upload the first. HERE 
Carved Pumpkin My entry for Zoungy's 'SketchUp Island Pumpkin Patch' 5 (14) HERE 
Desk lamp I modeled this lamp for a YouTube video. HERE 
Flashing OPEN sign I was foolign around with an idea, and it turned out pretty nice! 5 (1) HERE 
Future FedEx van I thought the current FedEx van looked old. HERE 
Goofy Pumpkin *Best smile award* My second entry to Zoungy's pumpkin carving contest. It won a little prize! 5 (3) HERE 
Help Model Me! design car. A nice red car with no front. 4 (3) HERE 
High detail gate A Marble gateway. 5 (1) HERE 
Locate the building contest I made myself a contest. Post the answer to infophenix01@gmail.com 5 (3) HERE 
Lock (sketchy physics) A lock in Sketchup. HERE 
logloglogo My YouTube logo in 3d HERE 
MiMo Hotel Design I kinda like adding my own designs to the warehouse. HERE 
monsterbox I was fooling around with 100% transparent textures. HERE 
My own design of an Art Deco Hotel One of my own hotel designs. 5 (1) HERE 
National Ricecooker Our old ricecooker broke down, so we had to buy a new one. I built this model as a memory. 5 (1) HERE 
New Design Special readinglobby UBN My dad and I designed the new reading lobby in Nijmegens Library (UBN) HERE 
(No more need to be edited) Miami Beach Police Station The untextured version of the MBPD Headquarters HERE 
old car (80's) My best car model yet. 4 (1) HERE 
Old New York style highway crossing I got inspired by New York streetview in GE HERE 
qUEST I was goofing around, and accidentely built this house, so I posted a quest to finish it. HERE 
Rendered Art Deco building I renovated the abandonned Art Deco building model. HERE 
Restaurant & Hotel building My Second Monopoly Citystreets contest entry. 5 (3) HERE 
Small Green Car I had inspiration for modeling a siple green car. 5 (3) HERE 
Sportscar I found a new way to model a car. 3 (1) HERE 
Stone Wall I modeled a package of stone wall components, so everyone could builf one. HERE 
The Ampron Hotel Just like the Windsor hotel which I designed, I created another Art Deco hotel. HERE 
The Victor Hotel (Model me!) Help me model the Victor Hotel. HERE 
Tripartite Art Deco facade example #1 I found out that the facade of this building was identical (though in different colors) to another one in downtown Miami Beach! HERE 
Truck Trailer I wanted to use a trailer in one of my models, but there weren't any good ones, so I modeled one myself. 5 (2) HERE 
Two story House I made Myself some floorplans, and made it into a house! HERE 
Walk-in house I found another floorplan on Google, so I built it. This house is also featured in one of my videos. 4 (1) HERE 
Showing 41 items