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Geo Collection

Models by MILO Minderbinder

This page will show you some info about my 'Geo Collection'.


3dwarehouse description:

My geo-referenced models, that are accepted to the 'best of 3d warehouse' 3d buildings layer in Google Earth. Al real, textured, high detail buildings, and more. locations: Miami, Brussels, Los Angeles, Nijmegen, Baltimore, Detroit, New York, Lincoln, London. I'm proud to say that this is my best collection, containing my most realistic, and detailed models of buildings and monuments. Please become member of my google group for my Miami collection. I also have a website:

Contained in
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 Reviewer Rating Review
 WazzuPL 5 
 Denoall 5 
 NESUA 5 Excellent, great models.  
 WardNL 5 Great models and collecton.  
 gineste 5 
 gipuzkoa3d 5 ok, buenos modelos ¡¡¡   
 cao2ni 5 
 OnO 5 Excellent  
 ARTExplorer 5 
 BerylDrue 5 Great models! I'm a great admirer of your work.  
 Li Jia Yi 5 
 Gijs 5 Nice collection! 
 bbkh 5 
 tomcioZG 5 
 bdhy 5 Superbe