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Model of the month

Model of the month (see da picture below ;) November
Mercure Hotel Nijmegen Center is located in the center of Nijmegen, within walking distance of the busy shopping center. The hotel offers 104 fully renovated deluxe rooms (all non smoking), a cozy bar and a restaurant where you can dine. For your meetings, you have come to the right place. Behind the hotel is a private parkinglot. Date of construction: 1978

14th of November was a very productive day. That day I had also uploaded another very beautiful model. That model really was one of my best models, just like this one. The Mercure hotel took me some time to build. If my estimations are right, I spent 4 hours building this model. I really got me going once I created the first walls. Special thanks to Bing maps, whose birdseye views helped me determining what each façade looked like. There was one problem though. The north side of the building is partly connected to a decorative wall that (again) is connected to the train station Nijmegen CS. I decided to cut off the wall at its corner, and if anyone wants to build the train station, he is welcome to connect it to my model. Also thank you Bibelo, for rating my model so fast, and all of the collection owners, who have included the model. Special thanks to Zoungy, who has included the model in his 'Favorite Thumbnails' collection (as well as the other model I built that day). It hasn't been viewd that much since I uploaded i, but that's mostly because I uploaded it only yesterday.


Model of the month (see da picture below ;) October

This is the MBPD (Miami Beach Police Department.
A model of the Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD) located right in the hart of the city and in the middle of the Art Deco historic district. The Miami Beach Police Department is the police department of the U.S. city of Miami Beach, Florida, patrolling the entire Miami Beach area, although they sometimes cooperate with the county-wide Miami-Dade Police Department. The Miami Beach Police are famous for their bicycle patrols, which wear d
ark blue shorts and white short-sleeve uniform tops. The bicycle patrols were created due to the frequent traffic congestion of the Miami Beach isles (particularly in the famous Ocean Drive area on South Beach). Bicycle patrols go where patrol vehicles cannot, but they also perform traffic duties[1]. There are even some patrol officers in rollerskates. The Miami Beach Police wear dark blue trousers with dark blue shirts, and have red, white, and blue patrol vehicles however, the department is in the process of switching over to black and white patrol vehicles by the end of 2008. The current Chief of the Department is Chief Carlos Noriega[2]. Former Miami Heat now Phoenix Suns center Shaquille O'Neal was a reserve officer for the Miami Beach Police Department. Date of construction: 1992.

Though underrated by some guy who named himself Tim P., the average is 4,4 out of five, because 6 others rated it 5 stars. I'm really happy with the outcome of this project, that has taken me two weeks to complete. The texturing was a bit of a problem due to the trees, so first I uploaded it to the 'Edit me' collection. With not any response, I thought 'let's give it a try!', and I finished it in two days. I can really say this is my most popular Miami Beach model ever since I've come home from my vacation in Miami Beach. Currently it has been viewed by over a thousand people, and it has been downloaded almost five hundred times.

  Model of the month (see da picture below ;) September    (September 1st is my birthday!)

This is the city hall of Gouda, The Netherlands.
In 1365 the city purchased from Gouda the Marketfield of Mr Van der Goude to build a town hall. Yet it would take until 1448 before construction began. The city historian Ignatius Walvis thinks it was the poor financial position of the city that caused the continuing delay. One of the architects was Jan Keldermans. The building was erected from Belgian limestone. In 1497 the city refurbished the Town Hall on the occasion of the visit of Philip the Fair in the city. In 1517/1518 the building was renovated. Until 1603 the hall was surrounded by the water and was accessible through a drawbridge. In the period 1692 - 1697 there was again a major renovation. In the same period, the current scaffold at the back of the town house was added. Before that there was already a scaffold at the town hall, which first became known in 1525. In the period (1946 - 1952) was substantially renovated the building again. The last restoration took place in 1996.

For info about the model read the news topic of 9/4/09 on my HomePage.
In the first 3 hours I already got 5 ratings/reviews, which is a thing I'm very proud of.

Model of the month (see da picture below ;) August

This is the Colgate Clock in New Jersey City.
The Colgate Clock is an octagonal clock in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States, with a diameter of 50 feet (15.24 meter), and it faces the Hudson River. It is currently situated 400 meters south of the former site of the headquarters of consumer products conglomerate Colgate-Palmolive, which was until the 1980s based in Jersey City.

The current Colgate Clock was built in 1924 to replace an earlier clock designed by Colgate engineer Warren Day and constructed by the Seth Thomas Clock Company for the centennial of the Colgate Company in 1906. The original clock was relocated to a Colgate factory in Clarksville, Indiana.

As of 2005, the Colgate Clock stands on an otherwise empty lot; all of the other old buildings in the complex were demolished in 1985, when Colgate left New Jersey. The lot is located on the Hudson River waterfront and the clock itself is 100 meters south of the Goldman Sachs Tower, the largest skyscraper in the state of New Jersey. The construction of that building in the early 2000s forced a relocation of the clock southward to its current location. At the time of the relocation the size of the Colgate advertisement attached to it was reducted to comply with the Hudson River No Billboard law. As a part of the relocation agreement Goldman Sachs now maintains the clock.

The Model isn't my most popular, but it is my best model with PNG format pictures.

Model of the month (see da picture below ;) July

This is the Barbizon hotel in Miami South Beach.
This very yellow and green Art Deco hotel, stands on the south part of ocean drive. though not many people notice the building, it does have a great reputation, and a wonderful location. Why is this Art Deco? at first you see the almost symmetrical main facade. the central bay, consisting of yellow blue and green accents and stone reliefs below the windows, isn't in the exact middle of the facade. the continious eyebrow of the second floor, seems to be broken at the central bay, though the uppermost eyebrow is in one whole. on the right side we can see there some kind of copy of main facade with, also, the blue and stone accents. the eyebrows are mostly continious, and wrap around the rounded corners. on the top of the building, there is a rooftop bar, which has been built in the late 70s, and renovated int he 90s. with a nice view over the ocean, this is a recomended place for staying.

The model isn't one of my most popular models, but it is my 99th model in Miami. I entirely created the textured myself, except for the windows, which I copied from a picture from Google's Streetview.

The popularity hasn't really peaked yet, though it has sunken just a bit since  uploaded it. currently the viewrate is 93 (7 days) and download rate is 39 (7 days).

Model of the month (see da picture below ;) June

This is the Shelborne Hotel in South Beach, Miami.  This massive hotel is in stark contrast to the small, most often 3-story Art Deco hotels that inhabit South Beach. The fenestration, as well as the repetitive, unvaried facade, is typically modern--closer to International style. In Miami, they call this style MiMo (Miami Modern). if you downloaded or viewed this in sketchup or google earth, you should really take a look at the very high detail 3d shelborn-sign on top of the high part of the hotel. I'm very proud of it. also notice the entrance, and the shelborne-sign on the side of the complex. beachside façade by T. Triplett Russell and Igor B. Polevitzy, 1940 now greater detail, en better textures. I proud to say this is one of my best models. This will be my final version. it's the last out of three.

This model's viewrate isn't peaking at the moment. the peak was somewhere in  February with 78 views and 13 downloads (7 days). It's definitely not my most popular model, though it's one of my best.

Model of the month (see da picture below ;) May
This is the Royal st Hubert Galeries.
The Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries (French: royales Galeries Saint-Hubert) is a complex of three glass covered shopping arcades in the center of Brussels, namely the King Gallery, the Galerie and the Galerie des Princes. The galleries are located in the district Ilot Sacre. They were designed in 1837 by the young architect Jean-Pierre Cluysenaar, and built in 1846. The name comes from the former Saint-Hubert Street, which ran from the Grasmarkt to Beenhouwersstraat. The galleries have been 230 meters long, 8 meters high and can accommodate a number of specialized luxury shops, cafes and restaurants. On March 1, 1896 was in a room of the newspaper "La Chronique" the first film presentation in Belgium, by the Lumiere brothers.

This models highest view rate was 1263 views and 519 downloads
(7 days), on 4/15/'09. It became the 261st most viewed model in the warehouse.