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Miami Buildings
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Hello ever
yone! Welcome to my Website dedicated to my 3d collection 'Miami Buildings'.

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- This collection has been added to the uppermost collection-bar of 3DWH-home.
- My collection is 18th most popular buildings collection.
- This collection is the 78th most popular collection of 5147 collections in the 3DWH.
- The collection contains 143 models
- all models are correctly geo-referenced
- all models high detailed and well textured.
- 5 models in Miami, 138 in Miami Beach
- All modeled myself.
- 32 models aren't accepted (yet) into Google Earth.
- 111 models are already accepted.
- '
The former Algiers Hotel ' model is the highest rated model in the collection.
- '
Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD)' model is currently the most popular model in the collection.
- '
The Big Pink café' model is currently the newest model in the collection.

Why Miami?
The answer for the question in the title is actually quite hard to give. About two years ago, me and my family went on vacation to Miami Beach. There we discovered the magnificent architecture of Art Deco. I already knew Google's Sketchup Application, so I started modeling buildings. I don't know why I liked it, but it just is cool to do. I think just  this weird kind of Thing popped into my head, and I thought 'Why not?'. My first model was the Breakwater Hotel, along Ocean drive. The next one was the Fairwindhotel. In my 3dwarehouse collection it says otherwise, but that's because when I found out about 3dwarehouse, I uploaded them in a different order.

Well, that's about my history with Miami Beach.

Currently, I live in Holland, and I get most of my textures out of the streetview function in Gearth. It's really ashame that lots of buildings just are covered in palmtrees and stuff, so that I just can't get the right textures.

Have a look at the Architecture in Miami

100th Model
One of my best models of the collection is 'Art Deco villa, Miami Beach'. It's high detail, great color and hedge give it a classic look. this model is quite special to me, because this was the first model of which I totally had to improvise in the texture in order to get the contrast right. the reason was, that there were absolutely no pictures on the net, and the only iages I could use were on streetview. but those images were not the very best images I ever had. the sun made the pink color of the building look white, and I couldn't tell which parts were blue and which ones were not. so what I did was; I searched for a bit of pink in the images, made it a unique texture, and painted the whole building pink. with the windows and the blue I did exactly the same. and that's how I built my 100th model. View the model HERE

Does anyone would like to see a building modeled in Miami by me? Some ideas for buildings: Art Deco Hotels, your house ;-), appartmentbuildings, etc. Just get me some good textures, the address, and the only thing you do next, is wait for a response from me, and see if I'm interested in your suggestion.
Send me an email to infophenix01@gmail.com


Miami Beach
I've returned from my Vacation to Miami Beach! This means I've taken lots of pictures, and I can go on modeling. Cheers!

2 new models
Today, I uploaded two new models to this collection. I think they turned out pretty well! check them out here.

100th model
Yesterday, 5/17/09, I've uploaded the Queequegs Restaurant to the 3dwarehouse. I've discovered this Art
Deco building along Washington Avenue a few months ago, and put it on the waiting list. More info can be found on Newest Models in Miami, or you can view the model's details page here.

99th Model
Today, 6/13/09, I've uploaded my 99th model to the Miami Buildings Collection. It's the Barbizon (view it here), a hotel I wanted to model for a very long time. More info can be found on Newest Models in Miami.