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Art Deco office design in 3D Sketchup

Hello dear visitor! I am MILO Minderbinder. This I call my Sketchup Home, where I can showcase my models and keep Sketchuppers Up-To-Date. Do you know Google Sketchup? Google Sketchup is free 3D modeling software you can download here. Feel free to try it; you have nothing to lose. But why a website? I've created this website for the 3D models I've uploaded into the 3Dwarehouse. My models are quite well-known among the Sketchup Community, and I hope you like them. you can navigate around the website by using the GPS >>>>>>

I expect this site to be informative and fun. You can contact me about my website, my models or sketchup by emailing me:


my 3d collections:

- Miami Buildings
- Models by MILO Minderbinder


Today, I started modeling the Huygens building in Nijmegen, part of the Radboud University.

It actually turned out pretty well!
I already got 7 ratings!

View it HERE


Model your town contest
For some time now, modelers have been able too submit a collection to the model you town contest, which Google started in January. I submitted two cities: my first collection was Miami Buildings, and for the second one I had to create a entirely new collection called Molenhoek/Nijmegen. The Miami collection now contains 143 models, and the other contains 21 models.



200th Model!
Hello there, dear readers of my Sketchup news! Today, I took pictures of the two remaining old shacks located at the ranch I modeled earlier. The first shack I uploaded, was my 200th model! This means, that since March 18th 2008, I uploaded 200 models. That is around one model every three days. Has time really gone that fast? Am I getting old? Am I already 16 (Yes! in September)? This event really got me to think about my Sketchup future. If I go on like this, in 5 years, I will have uploaded 1000 models. That is an enormous amount of data. I already think 200 is a big number, but what will it be on 10/14/10? Will it be 400? Will it be 600?
    200 models. This means I've clicked the upload-button 200 times. This means I've written 200 descriptions of buildings, objects, cars, lamps etc. This means I've created 200 detailspages of highly detailed models. This means I've uploaded more than 10 times the average amount of models uploaded by average Sketchuppers.
    I'm glad my 200th model is a model of a building so close to home, so every time I walk past it, I can think: ,,Wow. I've accomplished something in this world.''

Next time I will be on the Sketchup SuperModelers Conference. I can say to the other SuperModelers: ,,Hey, I've uploaded over 200 models. How much have you uploaded?"



Monopoly City Streets Design Contest on 3DWH
Hello, dear readers of my little webpage! Today is a vey special day. Not only because of the date: 9/11 (Terrorists attack the Pentagon and the WTC in New York), but also because today I entered the Monopoly City Streets design contest. The goal is to build (in Sketchup) a model of a building suitable for the new Monopoly City Streets game found HERE. My first entries were some buildings I made earlier, but now I've created two new ones, just for Monopoly. Find them Here and Here. I've received some great reactions, and I hope to model some more!



Chapel of Mariënburg, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Monday, 7th of September, I went to the city to buy my school stuff with the 'back to school' -action  at the V&D. I took my camera with me, because I was already planning for some days to build the Chapel of Mariënburg in Sketchup. I took the pictures; one of every different facade. Back home, I immediately started modelling. In about an hour or three of resizing textures, building 3d, applying textures, and detailing, I finally thought it was finished so I uploaded it. After that, I loaded it into GE, to see what my work has become. The first thing I noticed (and apparently Sketchupper Bibelo too, because he raised the question in his comment), was that the textures on the buttresses, the southtower, and some on the walls were 'blurry', almost as if someone has swept over it with his sleeve. (By the way, the description then wasn't really something too; it said: 'To be described by 9/9/9'). I didn't have the time to repair the texturing, so I started with that on the 8th of September (Tuesday). I sent an email to Bibelo about the blurry textures, and said for now I'll just try to unique all of the blurry ones, to see if that works. And it did! Would it be a coincidence that the textures that were blurry, first were components, but I exploded them? Maybe that's the clue; so, if anyone has blurry textures in GE, just try uniquing them, and hopefully that will solve the problem. I also updated the description. There wasn't a lot of info available about the chapel, but I think I succeeded in writing a useful description. View the model
    Some review about the model:

Bibelo says:
Super! Wordt een mooi ensemble in die hoek van 't centrum ;) Hij laadt 'm alleen niet goed in GE bij mij. Textures op zijbeuken zijn uitgeveegd, heb jij dat ook?
(Super! Will be a great combination in that location of downtown Nijmegen. The only thing is that it doesn't appear well in my GE. Textures on the buttresses are blurry, swept out. Do you have the same problem?)

Gijs says:
Mooi model! Opgenomen in de collecties ;) Misschien moet je alleen nog even zorgvuldig naar de beschrijving en labels kijken? 
(Beautiful model! Added to the collections ;) Maybe you should take a good look at the description and the tags?)

Tomasz Szular (tomcioZG) says:


John Wilkes (John) says:
Shadows give that model great 'impact' but as you say you cannot guarantee that they match the ground shadows. I think as long as they are consistent all round the model itself one can ignore the base imagery. Brilliant model anyway. Such powerful looking buttresses.


New post on Sketchup Island
Today, one of the prominent sketchuppers in the world, Zoungy posted a little message on his Blog called Sketchup Island. Read more here. By The Way, The model has been rated already 13 times! It is currently my most rated model, surpassing my model of the Ranch 'De Kleine Lier'.



Google Goodies
Today I received some goodies that Google distributed at the Google Boulder Super Modelers Conference. A really cool thing was the notebook with on the front a picture of GE. if you tilt it, it seems as if your zooming in, going to the Google Campus in SF.


Supermodelers Conference
On June 24th, I've been invited to a Google Sketchup Conference in Boulder Colorado by James Therrien. Google offered to pay for my travel (airfare), food, and hotel. The actual conference took place on August 6/7, but I couldn't come, because I'm only fifteen years old. So after the conference, I emailed James back, about how it was, and if I could see pictures and info. Then he invited me to the Supermodelers Google group. He's also going to send me some goodies by mail! I really feel like a supermodeler already, but I do realize what I missed out on. I could've had the chance to meet other modelers, the productmanagers for GE and Sketchup; I could have learned a lot from the presentations that were held, and of course, I could have made a lot of new friends. But even if I was 18 years old, I still couldn't have come because I was in Miami Beach at the time. Want more information? Email me: infophenix01@gmail.com


Sketchup Island Blog
Hello! Today I've heard that Fellow Supermodeler Zoungy opened his own Sketchup Blog called Sketchup Island. I asked him what this blog will be about, and this is what he wrote on the blog:

This afternoon a note in a bottle washed up on the beach of SketchUp Island.  It was faded, and salt water had made the ink (blood?) run somewhat, but I could make out that it was written by a blog viewer named Milo.  In it, he asks what exactly the blog is about.  Is it about me,  my models, or about the SketchUp program?

I scribbled my reply on a thin, dried banana leaf, stuffed it back into the bottle, and tossed the bottle back in the ocean.  My reply was,
yes.  It's about all those things; but also it's about you-- other current SketchUp users or potential SketchUp users.  We all have some sort of experience using the program or at least thinking about it (I assume this is true if you are reading this).

I often wonder why
I do it.  The blog just explores these ideas: what's it like using SketchUp (particularly for modeling buildings on Google Earth), what do we do with it, how do we do it, and why do we do it... or why not?

So now you know what it will be about. If you have any questions, feel free to email me on infophenix01@gmail.com.


A couple of days ago, modeler Gipuzkoa 3D added some Google Earth tours to his blog. One of them is located in Miami, and lots of models made by me are shown.

Click HERE for the original blogpost
Click HERE for the translated blogpost


Lately, I've been working hard on my new Molenhoek/Nijmegen collection, which I've made as an entry for the Model your Town competition. Ever since I started the collection, I've made five new migh detail models of buildings in Molenhoek and Nijmegen.
a little list of them:

Rijksweg 223, Molenhoek
- Michalis restaurant, Villa Doluca pizzeria
- B&B Nightclub
- Berg en Dalse weg 105
- 18de eeuwse boerderij, Molenhoek

I'm most proud of my model of the Michalis greek restaurant, which already has gotten over 6 reviews and ratings.



Building Maker
Yesterday, Google added a new feature to the 3dWareHouse. The Building Maker has come to town. Yes, this is a very easy to use, 3D modeling program for average Joes to model their own house for GE. I've been exploring it lately, and I've already made some models with it. I started out in Lyon, France. We had a foreign exchange there, and we saw lots of boxy flats, so I thought: those wouldn't be too hard to model, would they? So I started, and with the Building Maker you can work really fast! You should really refine the models a bit in Sketchup afterwards, but it's a nice start. I've now uploaded 6 models of apartment buildings, and two models of buildings at the school we went to (Lycée Martinière Duchère). Zoungy also posted something on his SketchupIsland blog about the new Building Maker.



(Edit me!) Miami Beach Police Station
Today I uploaded another model: the Miami Beach Police station. But.... I couldn't get the right textures. So I'm calling in the help of some other modelers on the 3DWH, to help me model and texture the building. I now uploaded the untextured shell, and put it into the 'edit me' collection. View the models details page HERE.



Pumpkin Craving contest (for Sketchup)
Zoungy, a renowned Super Modeler, has created a contest for Halloween. It has lots of rules, but that's mostly just about the display. Everybody enter HERE! I've already made myself an entry. view the details page HERE. I already got some ratings, even from Zoungy himself! He also posted a message on is Sketchup Island Blog. It seems that I won the prize for the first entry to the contest. Hurray!
Please rate and review my entry!



New photo-textured models!
After a long time, I finally found some space in my agenda to model the horsebarn at the ranch around the corner of my house, and a new Miami building. Find them HERE. The Horsebarn caused a little commotion around the constructiondate. so I got in touch with the owner, who wishes to stay anonymous, and he told me he had missestimated the date of construction. He looked it up for me, and aparently it was dated back to 1996.
    The new model of the apartmentbuilding in Miami Beach was the first model I made in the new version of Sketchup: Google Sketchup 7.1 .  I heard there was a new streetview feature, so I tried it out on the first building in Miami Beach I could find, and it turned out fine. The textures are automatically mapped, so it's really time saving. Keep up the good work on Google guys!


Gouda City Hall
Today I uploaded a new model. The City Hall of Gouda, the Netherlands. There is already a model of the city hall in GE, but I think that one needs work, and I already acquired the images to use as textures. So I started modelling yesterday; the same day on which I took the pictures. I spent 5 hours and twenty minutes spread over two days building this model. The old model wasn't as accurate as mine. I posted a comment on the original model made by Design8:

A bit to highpoly. try to work with PNG. It's also aligned with the roof of the buidling on Google Earth. You really should align it with the base of the building. PS: try not to work with the arch tool. arches aren't understood by GE, so they always come out crooked.

I'm proud to say this new model really is my best model in my entire modellingcareer; the last one I thought would be the best was my model of the Ranch 'De Kleine Lier'.
    Already 2 of the prominent modelers have rated the model in the past 3 hours. two other Dutch Sketchuppers have also commented, though very differently:

Gijs says:

Thank you very much Gijs!

Wouter says:
dit model voegt echt helemaal niets toe ten opzichte van het bestaande model.
(This model ads absolutely nothing to to the existing model.)

I have to say I dissagree, Wouter. But that's also obvious, because I made the second model. But my model is way more accurate, and contains fewer polygons. Though the filesize is huge, it loads really quickly into GE.

I hope that everyone can understand that I'm not picking fights by submitting newer versions of existing models. It just happened to be the case that I coincidentally was in Gouda, and I took some picture of the building; not realizing there was already a model. My goal is not to create models that are being accepted to GE, but it's just my hobby to use SketchUp.


On August 25th, fellow Sketchupper Zoungy, has interviewed me for a RSI. RSI means Really Short Interview, and it will be posted on his Sketchup Island Blog. I'll post it here as well:

So, who are you, fellow marooner?

For those who don't know me, I am MILO Minderbinder, a Geo-modeler for Google Earth. I usually create buildings that are located in Miami Beach (because it's a wonderful place), but I sometimes build other things like a ricecooker, or an alarmclock. 

What role will geo-modeling play in the future of everyday people?

I think Google Sketchup will always be used for Geo-modeling for Google Earth. It's also helpfull for architects and designers, but before you can use it, you first have to know it exists. And I think too little people actually know Sketchup. Most of the people won't even try it, because they think it will be just as tough to use as Adobe Photoshop (I'm the worst with Photoshop). But I guess 3D software has a great future, as it is already used in Hollywood; and whoever tries Sketchup, will be able to succeed in becoming a good modeler. Like we say in dutch: Niet geschoten, altijd mis!

Ah, yes.  Ask yourself a vital question and answer it, please.

Nobody has ever asked me "Why is your nickname MILO Minderbinder?". The answer to that question isn't that hard to answer, but it will require some history-digging. The first model I uploaded was the Fairwind Hotel, but I uploaded with the nickname 'Kaaskip' (means Cheesechicken). But I lost my password! So I created a new account with nickname MILO Minderbinder. MILO means Miami Lover. I never told anyone that before, except for the review I commented on the Fairwind Hotel by Kaaskip. And why Minderbinder? Milo Minderbinder is the main character in the novel Catch 22.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate of course! I love chocolate. In Holland you can't buy any good chocolate icecream :s. The best chocolate icecream I ever ate, was at Painter's Homemade Icecream in Myrtle Beach. Secondbest was Bruster's Icecream in Chesterfield (south of Richmond).

For anyone willing to try Google Sketchup; go ahead! it's free, so why not? I'm sure it'll catch on and you'll like it.

That's it!  Thank you MILO for your RSI. 

Read this RSI on the Sketchup Island Blog