9: Let's Get This (Party?) Started

And so on Thursday, December 17th, I had my first chemo treatment. 

The infusion center nurses were, and are, wonderful. I had bought one of those "adult" coloring books (coloring books for adults, not "adult"-themed coloring books) and some colored pencils. (Side note: I had previously thought they were silly but must admit that it is the perfect thing for during chemo treatments and for the days post-chemo when you're feeling well enough to do something but not well enough to really do anything.)

I had support and well-wishes along the way. The kids were okay. I was okay. 

That Team Tumor was going DOWN!! (Smack-talk was never really my speciality...)

Yes, let's do this thing. So that we can start the process of said thing being over!

Yep. That was also the summer where I refused to wear clothes. I was either wearing a swimsuit or nothing. Oh, to be a kid again...

Man, I look happy in that photo. Much happier than a person getting chemo should be. And my SO is probably thinking, "WTF are you taking a picture of this?" but was nice enough to go along with it. 

Ha! My sister, Julie, made the comment that, "At least you'll match the Target color scheme." But in all seriousness, if you have to go through cancer treatment, going through it with young kids has its benefits - they make you stop and laugh many, many times along the way. And what elementary-aged kid doesn't laugh at the mention of bodily functions? (I don't think it's just my kids...) 

I still don't regret this.