7: Keep On Keeping On

Over the next weeks, there were tears, but there were also many laughs. My kids were my grounding point. You see movies and TV shows about people being diagnosed with cancer. Often, they spend a lot of time thinking about the diagnosis, contemplating their life, asking, "Why me?"...But in reality (in my reality, at least), things were much, much different. Yes, I tried to gather information, and yes, the diagnosis was sad and upsetting. But when it came down to it, I still had two children who needed me to be the same mother I was before I was diagnosed with cancerI still had to get them up in the morning and drop them off at school. I still had to take Lucia to her piano lessons, bring in snacks for snack week, make sure they had clothes that fit, do the grocery shopping and laundry, clean the house...and go to work. None of that stops because you have cancer. 

But together, the kids, my SO, and I continued with our lives and even managed to inject some fun and laughter into the whole situation. Because that's how we roll. Others may find it to be in poor taste, but hell, this was going to be about what was best for us, not how other people thought we should be reacting and coping.

See what I did there? Lucia has her own sense of style. And you know what? She ended up picking out a multi-colored tie-dye-esque hat for me, and I wore it, and I loved it. Because she and I picked it out together.

She picked out one other thing for me, too, but I'll leave those pics until a bit later...