14: I Don't Need You To Worry For Me, 'Cause I'm Alright

During my chemotherapy, I was fortunate to have visitors. My sister, Julia, came to visit from Ann Arbor and sat with me through a chemo session. On another occasion, my friend, Angela, was visiting from Houston and kept me company. The visits were very much appreciated, since chemo days mean a full day at the hospital. Before each chemo infusion, I have an appointment at the Breast Center, either with the oncologist or a PA, where they draw blood, look at vital signs, and we talk about how things like side effects and how I'm feeling, overall. Then I walk over to the infusion center. They have to wait for the blood work to come back and ensure that everything looks okay before starting chemo. There are the "pre-meds," which can include steroids and/or anti-emetics, and then the actual chemo. It can be up to 5 hours spent in the infusion clinic, so when it's all said and done, I'm usually there most of the day.

My SO is there when other people aren't, but he's picking up the slack at work when I'm not there, so if someone else is around to keep me company, he typically goes to do some work during at least part of my chemo infusion. But he has been there for almost every doctor's visit and chemo infusion, and is always there when I ask him to be there. He's great.

And then (sorry, Julia and Angela), I was lucky enough to have my favorite visitor for chemo infusion #7.

Again, some people questioned this parenting choice. Lucia had been asking if she could come to one of my chemo sessions. She brought it up multiple times, which to me meant that there was a part of her that needed to have this experience. I talked about it with my ex-husband, and he brought her by after they'd started the infusion. She asked about what all the IV tubing was and wanted to know which tubes connected to what bags on the IV pole. We talked about all of this, and she sat with me for about an hour. I could tell she was getting bored, and a little after I told her it was okay if she wanted to leave, she said she was ready to go. Afterwards, she was very proud that she had gotten to go with me, and she told her teachers and classmates. She also told me that going there with me made her feel better and less worried. 

And I got to spend time with my number one girl.