10: When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons, your kids probably eat all of them and then ask you why you didn't get oranges, too.

I was determined to not let my life become defined by my cancer. And I was feeling pretty okay between chemo infusions, so we pretty much just did our thing. Sometimes our thing was going to see The Nutcracker:

Sometimes it means some late-night-Christmas-Eve baking:

Sometimes it means realizing that your 8-year-old is really an old man trapped in a much younger body:

Sometimes it's enjoying snuggles from a sweet 6-year-old:

Or mocking your son for his interest in computer coding:

Sometimes it's a mixture of patting yourself on the back for teaching good life skills to your children while being ashamed that your child has more self-control than you do:

And then realizing he still needs to work on his humility:

And sometimes it's just some good old-fashioned bowling and Fruit Ninja. You destroy those watermelons, young daughter. Destroy them.