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Community Resources
Cemetery Association                                 Legislators
Churches                                                   Local Government/Law Enforcement/EMS
Civic and Service Clubs                              Recreation
Daycare                                                    Recycling
Medical/Dental Care                                  Schools



Greenwood-Lemons Cemetery

Contact: Blaine Miller

Phone: 458-6886


Jerseytown Cemetery

Contact: Sue Myers

Phone: 458-6093


Millville Cemetery

Contact: Sue Myers

Phone: 458-6093


Pine Center Cemetery

Contact: Alan Stackhouse

Phone: 458-4636


Pine Summit Cemetery

Contact: Ola Stackhouse

Phone: 458-6191


Richart Grove Cemetery

Contact: Michele Thomas

Phone: 458- 0313


Unityville Cemetery

Contact: Mary Stackhouse

Phone: 458-5171




President: Rev David Rosenberger

Phone: 458-4043

Cooperate in and worship fellowship while maintaining individual church status…The Service Committee is a branch of the Ministerium


Christian Gospel Fellowship

Iola, PA

Contact:  Pastor Paul Converse

Phone:  458-5703

Services:  Sunday 9:50am and 7pm


Emanuel Baptist Church (Greenwood)

1314 State St, Rt 254

Phone: 458-5870


Mill-Green United Methodist Church

State Street Millville

Contact:  Pastor Richard Leonard

Phone:  458-4349

Services:  Sunday  Contemporary  8am; Regular Service at 10am


Millville Christian Church

245 E Main Street

Contact:  Pastor Richard Plocinski

Phone:  458-6323

Services:  Sunday 9:30am



Millville Friends Meeting House

Main Street

Contact:  Robert Mosteller : 458-6667

Contact: Dean Girton: 458-6431 (home) or 458-5521

Services:  Sunday 10am


New Testament Assembly Of God


Millville, PA 17846

Contact:  Pastor David Rosenberger

Phone:  458-4043

Services:  Sunday 10:30am and 6pm


Pine Center Church United Methodist Church

Pine Center Church Road, Pine Twp

Phone: 458-0168 or 458-6653


Rohrsburg Christian Church

636-A Rohrsburg, Greenwood Twp

Contact: Rev Michael Woolcock

Phone: 458-6616



Boy Scouts

Contact: Dan Reiner 458-6661

Contact: Kevin Lauback 458-6322

Meeting: Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm

Can also contact Scout Office in Bloomsburg at 784-2700 for area troop and pack information


Brownies (Millville Troop)

Contact: Michele Bower

Phone: 458-6394

Meet Wednesday nights at 6:30pm


Civic Club

President: Brenda Weaver 458-0245

Meetings: 3rd Monday: Sept-Oct-Nov- Mar-Apr-May


Place: Millville Methodist Church

Projects: Vote& Eat; support organizations in Millville Area


Columbia County Traveling Library

Contact: Mike Geary

Phone: 387-8782

Hours of Operation:

     2nd and 4th Thursday, January to June from 1pm-1:30pm at EIEIO/Millville Head Start; 4:30pm-6pm at the Millville Christian Church

     2nd Wednesday, January to June from 10:45am-11:20 am at the Columbia Village; 11:30 am-12:30pm at Girton Manufacturing


Cub Scouts

Contact: Andy Reiner 458-0709


Food Pantry

Contact: Sue Myers, 458-6093, Millville Area

Contact: Paula Weatherill, 458-5247, Greenwood Twp



North State St

Contact: Robert Stair

Phone: 458-6158

Meet third Thursday of each month at 7pm


Lions Club

Contact: Dan McCarty

Phone: 458-5020

Meet first Thursday at 6:30pm at American Legion


Millville Service Committee

Contact:Lana Heaps 458-4362

Contact:Sue Myers 458-6093

Meet when necessary.

PROJECTS: Food Bank under Service Committee-other emergency needs are also met for Millville Area School District


Millville American Legion

RD #l

Contact:  Howard Day

Phone:  458-5960 (main #) or 458-6778 (office)

Hours of Operation:  Mon 3pm-10pm; Tues thru Thurs 3pm until 11pm; Fri and Sat. 3pm-1am; Sun 7am -9pm

A Veteran’s organization; host parties, receptions, Easter Egg Hunt


Millville Senior center

360 S State Street

Contact:  Gretna Beaver

Phone:  458-4212

Hours of Operation:  Mon thru Friday, 8:30 am to 2pm

Seniors gather for companionship, meals, crafts, outings, etc

Post Office

State and Main Streets

Contact: Rusty Koch

Phone: 458-6637

Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 8:30am – 12:30pm and 1:30pm-4:30pm; Saturday 9am-11am


Sorority of Good Intent

ContactLenora Welliver 570-458-5475

Meetings- 2nd Monday of month


Social & Service Club

Projects: support organizations in Millville Area; Scholarship to Millville High School


Women’s Junior League

Contact: Brandi McDonald 458-6544

              Hope Laubach 458-5141

Project: Reading Is Fundamental



EIEIO Child Care Center

DIRECTOR-Karen Renner 458-5878

265 N. Chestnut Street

Hours: 5:45am-5:45pm Mon-Fri

Serving infants-school age

Subsidized child care- meals provided


Owen’s Family Child Care

Owner: Becky Owen

Phone: 458-0413

128 Center Street

Hours: 6:30am-5:00pam -Mon-Fri

Serving –Infant-school age

Subsidized child care-meals provided



Bieber Chiropractic

360 S State Street

Contact:  Dr. Nicole and Andrew Bieber

Phone:  458-9848

Hours of operation:  Tues and Wed 10am to 6pm; Thurs 10am to 7pm; Friday 10am to 1pm.

Chiropractic adjustments and massages.


Sam Bang, MD

Michael DuBartell, MD

Phone: 458-5597

Hours of Operation: 8am-5pm Monday – Friday

Family Practice


Jean Johnson, DDS

Phone 458-6731




Senator John Gordner

Phone:  784-3464

Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30pm


Representative David Millard

Phone: 387-0246


 Representative Robert Belfanti

Phone: 271-1460



Millville Borough

136 Morehead Ave

Phone: 458-5709

Council meeting third Tuesday of each month at 7pm.

Municipal Authority meeting second Tuesday of each month at 7pm.


Millville Fire Company

28 W Main St

Phone: 458-5783

Business meeting first Wednesday of every month except July

Drill nights Monday at 7pm


Millville Police

136 Morehead Ave

Chief of Police: Ted Stout

Phone: (non-emergency) 458-5661


Greenwood Township Supervisors

Office: 90 Shed Road, Millville

Phone: 458-0212

Meetings second Monday of each month at 7:30pm


Madison Township Supervisors

Office: 136 Morehead Ave

Phone: 458-0224

Meetings second Tuesday of each month:  Municipal Authority meeting at Jerseytown Community Center at 6pm; Supervisors meeting at 7pm


Pine Township Supervisors

Meet second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Township Building, 309 Wintersteen School House Road

Phone 458-4355





Christmas In The Park Commission

Contact: Sharon Kindt 458-5082

              Amanda Duffy 458-4567

Meeting: First meeting in October (please call to volunteer)

Donations from businesses in town


CHRISTMAS IN THE PARK 2nd Sat in December


Columbia-Montour Visitor’s Bureau

Contact: Cora Kindt

Phone: 784-8279; 800-8474810

April to September, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

June to August only with Saturday hours, 10am to 2pm


Little Fishing Creek Rod and Gun Club

Meet second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm at the Club House on Rod and Gun Club Road


Little League

Contact: Kevin Solomen

Phone: 458-8963


Millville Community Park Commission

Contact:Sharon Kindt

Phone: 458-5082

Meeting: 2nd Monday of January and as needed

Time: 7pm

Place: Millville Boro Hall

Projects: Manage Millville Park


Camp Can Do

c/o Millville Park Commission

Contact: Sharon Kindt

Phone: 458-5082


Little fishing creek pool commission


Contact:  President Tina Watts

Phone:  458-0123/204-2422

Hour of Operation:  Mon thru Sat 11:30am -7pm;   Sun 12:30pm – 7pm




Phone: 784-4532

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 7am – 3:30pm

Wednesday: 7am – 5pm

Friday: 7am – 3pm

Every Second and Fourth Saturday: 9am – 1pm



Contact: Ted Heaps

Phone: 458-6646

Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 4pm

Saturday: 7:30 am – 11am

Second Tuesday of every month pick up

Aluminum cans, clear and brown glass, newspapers without inserts



Greenwood Friends School

Contact: Brenda Boggess or Shirley Broadt

Phone: 458-5532


Millville High School

Phone: Super’s Office 458-5538; High School 458-5547; Elementary Office 458-5594

Board meets in the School library on Alternate Monday’s






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