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Road Signage


If you take a look at the road signs around Millom, it won't be long before you find one looking tired, broken or completely missing. Things are to improve following a visit by the man designated to sort things out. A few problem signs have been identified as follows but it's highly likely there are more that need attention.

The roundabout's been here long enough to make the 'New Roundabout' sign redundant.

Other signs are either old, been turned to point in the wrong direction or both.

The roundabout's signage is now likely to get a complete makeover. Firstly, an assessment of what ought to be there will be made. Then following consultation with locals, an agreed variation will be settled upon before the signs are made and installed. Capita's Kevin Cosgrove is now aware of these issues. (The pictures too dark?)

Haverigg Prison signage is to be reviewed as it seems to be too well signposted. It doesn't form a good impression for visitors and surely people can figure out that 'Haverigg Prison' is in 'Haverigg' without having it so obviously stated. The review will look at where prison signage is currently sited, then look at what seems appropriate in consultation with the prison itself. Undoubtedly some will stay but a reduction will be an improvement.

A popular walk between Millom and Haverigg uses the footpath alongside the railway track - known as Church Walk. While the locals are well aware of it, tourists aren't and they would benefit by being informed of the pedestrian route's existence by signage at either end.

Drunk and disorderly outside the police station, Duke Street !
To the left, an old sign due for replacement except for the fact it's not really needed so is one flagged for removal. Others flagged for removal include the Citizens' Advice Bureaux sign on Horn Hill, the roundabout sign above and one on Salthouse Road for the 'works' in connection with the building of the Network Centre.

The sign to the right is another 'oddity'. The sign is correct but the post isn't. For one, it shouldn't be in the war memorial gardens and is in fact the remains of the poles put in to carry cabling for the town's first CCTV installation. The other poles associated with that system were removed but this one had been forgotten. The alternatives for this are to be considered. A number of redundant, rusty or signless posts can be found dotted about the town.


Signage to be sorted

In 2011, a full signs and lines audit took place in the area. This identified a significant number of problems requiring a bigger budget than immediately available. It is hoped that sufficient funds will be available to bring all the signage up to date in 2012.