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Puffin crossing

New road surface invalidates pedestrian crossing
New road surface but no white 'stop' lines

After the harsh winter which has been blamed for many of the region's potholes in the road, work has recently been carried out in Millom to sort out some of the problem areas. Several streets have had strips of new surface laid and in the case of St. George's Road, one strip is the full width of the road.

In preparation for the resurfacing, several new drain covers have been fitted prior to the laying of the new surface. The affected stretch of road includes Millom's only set of permanent traffic lights as part of a 'Puffin' type pedestrian crossing between the library and the Post Office. 

The surface has been laid now for a few days but none of the lining has been replaced. As drivers will know, when the lights are not green they must stop behind the white line at the traffic lights. However, here, there are no lines to stop behind - so drivers will not know where to stop. In fact, with the absence of lines (or equivalent signs), there is no legal requirement for them to stop at all - in effect, the 'crossing' is not there.

Fortunately, drivers are habitually stopping at the lights and pedestrians are still using the facilities provided by the crossing. It seems only the legislation is absent but really, pedestrians should be aware of this as drivers currently don't have to stop.


Until the first of September...
Fresh white paint!

One week on and the painters have left their marks on the road to restore normality to St George's Road. Now complete, this section of road is likely to be the best in town. Further along, beyond the library, it's back to a more traditional surface and that quickly leads to a poor surface with not so much 'potholes' as a lifting surface. The top inch or so is clearly lifting off, leaving a surface peppered with shallow potholes which are widening and joining together.