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Dog and puppy training course (2011)

The following course was provided by Purple Paws which is currently providing training in Calder Bridge. Purple Paws is planning to offer special training sessions for up to 10 dogs in 2-hour sessions if people would like to organise getting a group together.

Thwaites Village Hall was the venue for this one-off 6-week course. 

The course cost £40 for all six of the 1-hour sessions which took place on the following dates at 7pm:

Thursday 3rd March, 
Thursday 10th March, 
Thursday 24th March, 
Thursday 31st March, 
Thursday 7th April and 
Friday 15th April.

Following the course each evening at 8:15 a 'drop-in problem surgery' was available for no longer than an hour. The above course tutors were on hand to deal with specific dogs' problems and these are aimed at trained dogs that just need a little 'tweaking'. These surgeries are not connected to the above course and will cost £6. They are open to anyone, whether they've attended the previous course or not. If you intend dropping in with your dog for this please arrive promptly at 8:15.

These events are run by Purplepaws who previously ran popular classes here and are back by 'demand'.

The six-week course is intended as an introduction for puppies and how to train/socialise them. It will cover all the 'normal' problems arising for the new owner; or the owner starting over with a new young dog, perhaps after several years with a previous companion. 

All and any type of dogs are welcome.

Contact Jim Mitchell for further information.   019467 29193