Millom Rock Park...

One of the many rock samples.
One of the many rocks on display.
...was established towards the end of 2009. Situated above the long-established quarry at Ghyll Scaur (formerly spelled "Gill Scar") to the North-West of the village of The Hill, near Millom in Cumbria, England.

The Park is an open-air collection of large rocks laid out so that visitors can get a hands-on experience of the variety of rocks on display. Each large rock sample is accompanied with an information panel detailing the rock name, type, age, where it's from and its origin. Further information details specifics about the particular sample and what it's typically used for.

The site also touches on the mining history of the area. A typical one-man mine wagon is on display alongside one of the many information display boards. Other display boards include 'From Magma to Motorway' and 'Look into the Volcano' One aspect of Millom Rock Park that is unusual is that it is also a viewing platform overlooking a live working quarry (except on blasting days - sorry !)

Picture Gallery

Direction sign to the Rock Park from the car park
  The whole Rock Park sign

The initial view on arrival at the actual park

Information board - 'welcome'

Information board - 'the rock cycle'
Information board - 'from magma to motorway'
  Rocks with the information boards for each rock

   Rocks laid out prior to info board installation

Plenty of rocks !

Geological information board

Rocks information board

Info board relating to mining in the Millom area

Rocks and the info panels for them

More info panels

Ghyll Scaur quarry pools

Mining wagon an information panel (see 2 rows up)

Ghyll Scaur quarry
'Picnic' area and iron ore in a box !

Quarry plant
Looking down on the main quarry machinery

Close-up of the works

   Rocks before the information sign installation
Information panel for one of the rocks

St. George's Church viewed from the Rock Park
Many of the general information panels are detailed on Millom Rock Park website along with further information.