For Millom, South Copeland and Furness. Tuned for people in, visiting or planning to visit the Millom area. 
We welcome feedback regarding any items found on the maps - and even items not found on the maps! 

Accommodation - Hotels, camp sites, guest houses, caravan parks, B&B etc. in South Copeland. Holiday cottages around Hawkshead.  hotel guest house

Attractions - Visitor attractions, things to do, places to see, where to go, museums, nature reserves and Tourist Information Centre. tic

Dog Restrictions in Public Areas - Shows prohibited areas and where dogs 'must' be on a lead.

Events and Venues - What's on and where.

Mobile Phone Coverage - Info on the subject with a link to providers' maps of coverage.

Newsround - Where the news is happening.

Places of Worship - Churches, chapels and related halls. Burial grounds and cemeteries (Millom Cemetery).

Planning Applications - Submissions to Councils and the Councils' decisions.

Services and Facilities - Car Parks, Car Wash, Council Offices, Cycle Parking, Dentists, Diesel, Fuel, Hairdressers, Hospitals, Petrol, Police Stations, Post Offices and boxes, Schools, Toilets, TV & video repairs, Vets, Waste recycling points and more.
r park dentist toilet hospital post office

Sports, Leisure and Recreation Venues - Gyms, Swimming Pools, Sports Halls, Football, Rugby, Bowls & Cricket grounds.

Transport Disruptions - Roadworks and rail disruptions. tic

Venues with Menus - Cafés, restaurants, fast food and take-aways to take away. cafe restaurant eatery eateries

Websites offering similar community information in neighbouring areas.