Church History

In 1773, two Presbyterian Churches were founded at either end of Millisle village - one being known as 'Millisle' and the other as 'Ballycopeland'. Due to diminishing numbers of families connected with Ballycopeland, that congregation was joined with Millisle in 1906. From that point onwards, the congregation was known as 'Millisle and Ballycopeland'.
Both churches had their own burial grounds and these both still exist. The small Ballycopeland church building was demolished during the 1950's, though it's location on the site can still be ascertained.
It is interesting to note, that Ballycopeland was the home congregation of Miss Amy Carmichael, the world famous and long serving missionary to India.
Ballycopeland photographs courtesy of Bill Cardwell, who has recorded details of some memorials on both church sites (click on his name for details)
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Also, the first Deaconess in the Presbyterian Church (or Church Sister as they were then known), Miss Bessie Barclay, came from the Millisle congregation.
Both congregations have been working in harmony for over a century now, in the building originally known as 'Millisle'. Parts of that building date back to 1773, with major renovations in 1930's, 1980's and again at the begining of this century. Those most recent works being a new porch off the main vestibule, a Session Room and refurbishment of the Choir Room.
Many gifts were also given to enhance the sanctuary.