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Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

At the conclusion to the Feasibility study the ESBC voted to recommend that option 1B.2 new school construction be the Town's choice for a replacement facility.  A copy of the full "Preferred Schematic Report" is included in the MSBA Submission Tab of this website.  The Site plan and Floor Plans for the Preferred Option can be found in the Design Tab.

Outline for the Feasibility Process

The Clyde F. Brown Elementary School was originally constructed over sixty years ago. Much in education has changed since that time, a time when students sat quietly in rows and there was little research on how students learn best.

Cognitive research has enabled schools to make vast improvements in how we teach students resulting in a huge increase in percentage of students graduating at high levels of educational attainment. As one of the higher performing school districts in Massachusetts, we have, for the past decade, encouraged active project and inquiry-based learning focused on a strong foundation in basic skills.  As a District we’ve also been promoting the higher level “21st century skills” that are needed for success in a global economy.  In Millis we focus on personalizing instruction and are severely constrained by our facilities.  Our Clyde Brown Elementary school, while well maintained, now poses challenges in supporting our educational plan and vision for the students of Millis. 

The Existing conditions verification is underway.  The geotechnical soil borings were completed over the winter break for the Clyde F. Brown Elementary School property to determine the suitability as building site.  Evaluation of the existing building also took place over the winter school vacations.

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