Millie Harper

Millie Harper


Pictures of Millie Harper and Her Art Over the Years

Pictures of Millie and her angora bunnies at the 2011 Fibercraft Studio Sheep & Wool Show at Sunbridge College in Chestnut Ridge NY

More pictures of Millie on Dennis' Flickr site:

Millie's angora bunny Lana pictures:

Many have asked if Millie's home looks the same as her classroom. Here's one corner of her "creative zone":


Millie has been creating pencil drawings since she was a young girl. Now she has colored pencils:

Color pencil drawing displayed the Aids benefit"Postcards From The Edge" in NYC 2007. (upper left thumb picture) Link to Visual Aids show

Other similar works:

Millie views her botanical illustration fine pencil entries on display at the Pelham Art Center exhibition held at the Bartow-Bell manor house 2007.

Millie with her son James at the benefit show

Mandolin practice

Millie's students (circa 2002)

Millie browsing in Sturbridge MA in 2008

Learning how to spin wool at the 2008 Sheep and Wool Festival at the Dutchess County fairgrounds New York


Renaissance Faire 2005

Millie as art (Millie image by DH)


Millie brings home Lana, at the time a 2 month old angora bunny, from the 2008 Dutchess County Sheep & Wool Festival. Her students learn one way of making clothing.

Lana likes being groomed

Girls like Millie's new white angora bunny "Stellina". This was at the Fiber Craft show June 2012 at Sunbridge College in Chestnut Ridge NY


Millie - Halloween 1961

Millie - Halloween 1961 - Always the tallest

Millie's Hollywood look.


Millie in Las Vegas in 1982 - A rare picture of her hair when straightened. She never visits a beauty parlor.

A delightful double exposure with Millie and James at the beach and

a larger studio style picture taken of Millie taken at home. Nothing was Photoshopped, this is all on one frame of 35mm film.

Millie, Barry, Chrissy and Chrissy's mom Betty just after Barry and Chrissy's wedding ceremony.

At Millie's sister-in law's wedding in 1992

Millie is always happy at the Botanical Gardens

Millie at the New Rochelle Country Fair in 1978

As a young teen watching the 60's Gidget movies, Millie also wanted to be a surfer girl. 50 years passed before she got her chance in July 2013. She had to overcome health health limitations and did physical training for many months. This is at the Skudin Surf school in Long Beach New York.

Millie dreamy sleepy - 1997 Kodachrome slide film original image > slide projector > custom built rear projection screen > wavy plexiglass > tungsten negative film By Dennis

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